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Ok I normally never really discuss my sex life in any shape or form publicly. Some would call it weird as I have no problems being part of others sex discussions or about the topic in generally… but when it comes to me…well then I normally do not say much. Not sure why, just the way it is I guess. I have never had the urge to share and no, I am not about to launch into any revealing details now either (so you can breathe out now Anders, if you happen to read this post).

So what brought this topic up. Well, as you probably have gathered I have not been well in the last while. I have never ever been feeling so exhausted for this long before. I should count myself very, very lucky for this and I do. However lately all I want is to crawl up in my bed and sleep. That is how it has been for some time now. This obviously means that my sex life also is non-existent. My libido has gone to sleep.

The funny thing is that a part of me still craves sex but it is very subdued and there is just no energy to do anything about it. After being in a stable relationship for almost 11 years (oh my god…has it been that long already!!?) we decided that maybe it would be fun to spice up our sex life a bit. Why not have a look at some fun toys etc? Unfortunately this was just around the same time that I started to feel a bit under the weather, thinking it was probably just due to too much work.  Now I am the stage where it doesn’t matter what I look at where before I might have been interested now I am just… meh.

I know that once I feel more like myself again things will (hopefully) be better. Tiredness seems to be the biggest inhibitor for me. Now it is because I am not well but other times it is because I am exhausted when coming home from work. It is boring as hell but true.

Some say that sex is not what should matter in a relationship etc or in general but I tend to disagree to a point. Sex is important, good sex even more. It should not be the overriding factor in a relationship but I know I could not be in a relationship without it.

Lately I find myself in more and more often in a situation where I am the one that is too knackered for any fun in the sack. Tiredness sucks. So I am throwing out the questions to you all, whom I hope all have a very active and great sex life, what the hell is a girl to do??