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What a lovely day it has been today! The sun was shining all day, the air was so fresh and clean and I was warm and comfortable wearing a scarf and light gloves. Am now having a cup of tea as the sun is setting over clear skies and enjoying this Sunday evening.

The large tree outside my living room window has almost shed all its leaves while others are still sporting magnificent colours. As I look out I am taking snap shots with my mind and I almost wish I could freeze time to capture these beautiful moments but then I realize that it is the change itself that makes it beautiful. Without the changes, with all being the same, the beauty becomes dull and lifeless. Much as our lives, without change and reinvention the splendour is gone. If we stall we lose ourselves and that is the most tragic thing in the world. We need to let our leaves fall, knowing that they will re-emerge all the more vibrant again.

So as leaves are falling, I am cherishing these moments as they come and go.


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When I left my apartment this morning , all the cars were covered in frost. It is now officially autumn. Time to find that ice scraper buried somewhere in the glove compartment in the car. Time to dig out the boots, jumpers and warmer jackets.

It is colourful and beautiful outside. The air was crisp and fresh this morning. The sun is shining outside now and casting a golden light into the windows in the office. I used to dislike autumn saying it is just rainy, windy and miserable but I am enjoying it more and more. Even when it does get rainy and windy I seem to find it cosy instead. Perfect for staying in with a good book or good film.

Do not get me wrong, I am not constantly going around thinking all is great and beautiful… I am just trying to teach myself to notice the nice things around me, so that I do not focus on the less great things I experience. Especially today as I do not feel very great or beautiful at the moment… sitting in the office working late once again, coughing as I cannot seem to shake this cold and feeling very tired.

Well, it is almost time to go home. I will enjoy the drive home, I think. Good thing I brought the sunglasses.

Happy autumn!