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As you all know I am an avid animal fan. I have two cats that are loved, cherished and spoiled like mad. I also love dogs and really most animal (OK… NOT a fan of spiders). I also understand that not all persons love animals with the same passion I do or even like animals. That is OK. I have no problem with someone saying that they prefer not to have a pet or be around animals. There can be many reasons for it and I can respect that. It is not everyone’s cup of tea.

What I cannot respect, abide or accept are people who are cruel and neglectful to animals. That actually makes me see red. Every day I read about cats and dogs that have been abandoned by their “owners” or mistreated. Sometimes it is a random cruelty acts against an animal that was just passing or has nowhere else to go.

I just read today again about a case where a family moved house and left their two cats behind. Just left. The cats were crying outside the front door to get in but no one opened the door. A neighbour took pity on them and called an animal organisation to find them a home. I am sorry but what is wrong with people?!?

I would love to get my hands on these people and ask them a thing or two…: How can you justify getting an animal and then just leaving them? How can you look yourself and your children in the eyes and say that it was the right thing to do? Was it too much of a bother to go to a cat shelter or try to find them a home if you are unable to take care of them? Will you try to justify it by saying that ah well they will be fine…? They will not be fine. They are domestic animals. Not a wild animal used to living outside. Instead you condemned them to starvation, illness and death in the cold. Maybe that is what you should explain to your children and then try to justify why you could not be bothered.

My own cat has this very history. He was abandoned and left when his family moved house. Left to fend for himself which is something he would be unprepared for and unable to do in reality. A neighbour saw him every day trying to get inside, to a home that no longer existed. He was brought to the DSPCA in the end and after 5 months there I was lucky enough to find him. I have never had a more grateful cat.

People who kick dogs and cats, throw stones after them and do worse things should have the same treatment done to them. I am sorry but that is my opinion. If you cannot respect the life of an innocent animal, if you hurt an animal out of pure spite then you are not a person worthy of pity, regard or sympathy. People like these are what makes human nature ugly. For me this is just as evil as mistreating children and your fellow-man. If you can hurt an animal you’ve already shown that you have no compassion. You have shown what you are capable of and it is ugly.

Without the animal welfare organisation that are out there many more animals would suffer. They see the worst of it all but they still go on and they make a difference. I admire these persons – day in and day out they see animals suffer and day in and day out they help and carry on. They are worth every penny and all the help that they can get.

Thankfully I also know many regular persons who make a difference and help in their own way. They feed strays, help finding owners when needed, protect these furry companions from those with evil intent. I know people who would not necessarily want to have a dog or a cat but that still would help. They would not abide seeing an animal being made to suffer. They would interfere and they would act. Because they are just decent human beings.

This is something I had to write because I do feel very strongly about this. I am sick of hearing of animal abuse. Our society should be better than this.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandi

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It is now late afternoon and I have spent most of today outside. A nice walk and several hours lounging in a sun-chair on my balcony. I am good at lounging, excellent even. It is still about 26 degrees C inside my apartment and my cats are in a permanent cat nap position. Very similar to myself.

Getting out of the shower I noticed that I once again have acquired a patchy sun tan. It seems that I am forever doomed to have a mismatch of red and brown nuances covering my body.  Tell me… how do people get a decent covering tan? Don’t tell me it is all fake. Yes, it is a first world problem but really… stripy is not an all that fetching look. Covering myself in sun factor 1000 50 is no option either. It might be “better” for my skin but let’s face it – I do not look good being pale. It makes me look sickly, and living in Ireland makes sense because… Since I tan easily it is just too much work and I love being out and about in the sun.

I am now sporting a lovely red back. I was thinking that I really need to teach my cat how to apply sun lotion… yeah, yeah I know that is a really stupid thought to have. Still though… If my cat would be able to apply sun lotion then I would also get totally covered in cat hair because he is shedding like there is no tomorrow. The thought of being covered in cat hair is not appealing but at the same time… I wonder what sunscreen factor that would be equal to? Wonder if anyone was ever bored enough to research that.

Yep, have been in the sun too long (at least that I my excuse). Think I will follow suit with the rest of the household and have a nap… again.


These two furballs are what greet me every morning and every evening. They never fail to make me smile with their antics. I do not care if some think I am a crazy cat lady going on about my cats a bit. I could not see myself living without a pet.

The bedroom is the favorite place, when allowed in.

Yes? What’s up with the interruption?

Under the duvet is the best spot according to Stitch.

Bring it on! Stitch always starts… and always loses…

Stupid leash…die!

This water tap thing is annoying… and wet!

My assistant Cirrus overlooking work.

Stitch… the poser of the house.

Cat prison?

This cat nap business is very important.

My big sun worshiper.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Nobel prize-winning author Anatole France

It is Saturday evening and I am sitting at home with my two cats. Aren’t I having an exciting life….? Ah well, to be honest I do not mind. I am really tired now and have been busy. Last night I went out to meet up with two friends, one of them I haven’t seen in many months as she was away traveling and it was great catching up again. A few pints later and it was time to head home again.

Up early-isch this morning to go training… took a while to wake up. It felt good moving around and it really is a great way to feel connected to the world around you. I truly wish I was a morning person. It would make my life quite a bit easier at times. As I also seem to be tired in the evening often I have come to the conclusion that I am a “middle-of-the-day” person. That is when I get most done. When any type of exercise is most appealing and when I actually feel somewhat normal. This is the time of day when I most productive, both in work and at home.

I wonder if “middle-of-the-day” person is a known concept… or if it is just me? Well either way… it fits me pretty perfectly. How to use flexible hours around that concept though is a bit of a mystery. I can multi-task but juggling work, training, creativity and social life around those few hours is near… nay, it is impossible. Oh the fun I could have with a time machine.

Well, it is now evening time. Even my cats have decided it is nap time (they do this VERY often…). Think I will follow suit soon. It looks very tempting.

As most know I have two cats. Two very loved and fabulous furballs (not being partial at all…). They are called Cirrus and Stitch, one is a fat lazybones and the other has enough energy for 3. When I decided that I will write a few posts about family and such I realized that I also need to post about my cats as they are very much part of the family, as animals always have been in our family.

I have always loved animals. This is something that I have gotten from my parents. Both my dad and mum love animals and have had dogs and cats for over 50 years, actually as long as they have been married. My dad rescued a German Shepard puppy from being euthanized about 2 weeks after my sister was born. They have had animals ever since, everything from just a dog to a whole farm.

My love of animals will always be a part of who I am. We picked up Cirrus from the DSPCA about 3 years ago. He is a black&white moggie. He was very timid and cautious in the beginning and in so much need of affection. He was overweight when we got him… and he still is. He has been on a diet for 3 years the poor little guy. He also has FIV (which we only found out about later on) and he suffers from urinary tract problems occasionally as well so we have to keep an eye on him and what he eats. In spite of all this and numerous vet visits (which he absolutely loathes) he is still the cuddliest and most chilled out cat ever. He doesn’t lie on your lap but he loves to lie next to you and purr away happily. Because he is a bit of a lazy cat in need of exercise (how the hell do you exercise a cat!?) we decided that he needed a buddy to play with.

One day we went to the vet to buy something and one of the nurses had a silver marbled kitten on her shoulder… meet Stitch. He was found alone by two small girls and they handed him in to the vet. No owner was found and we ended up taking him home and yes, I am a total sucker when it comes to kittens. It has been fun and wild in the household ever since. Stitch has enough energy for 3. At one stage I was actually speculating if cats can have ADHD… he was everywhere…on every bookshelf, every windowsill and everywhere he shouldn’t be. He has no fear at all. Nothing fazes him, he loves every dairy product ever made, everything is a game and he is the most nosy cat I have ever met. Poor Cirrus didn’t know what to make out of this little intruder that constantly wanted his attention in the beginning but they are now the best of friends. They have each other to play with during the day and it is very handy not having to walk a cat. I tried once…bought a harness and all… it was not appreciated. Cirrus just laid himself flat down refusing to move and Stitch managed to wrestle himself out of the harness like Houdini in a few seconds.

There is always something going on in the apartment. Either mad chases up and down the stairs or lazy cat naps. Lots of cuddles and lots of laughs. Sometimes just watching them mess around is a lot more entertaining than any show on TV.

So needless to say, they are part of my family and bring an awful lot of happiness to our lives.