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You know that feeling when you are in work but the last thing on your mind is actually work? When everything but work is more interesting. This is not the same as when work feels like a pain in the neck but more of a barely noticed side-task.

That is me today. Must be the leftover residue from the boozing session my muse had last night. I just feel like talking nonsense all day and not really bothering much about anything. My colleagues already think I am off my rocker as it is ( that weird Swedish girl who never shuts up talking, is bruised all the time, with no business fashion sense at all and who swears loudly at her screen…). Haha aah well, what can I say…. that’s me. So instead I decided to write a post (while in work..tut tut).

Ahem… not sure what to write about though. Wouldn’t mind sitting in a nice café now with some friends, drinking copious amounts of lattes and musing about this and that lightheartedly. I could spend hours doing that right now.

I am also pretty sleepy today as I just could not get to sleep last night. I blame the muse as she was hiccupping and wanting to have profound discussions about post topics after the pub crawl. It is very hard to sleep and debate post topics at the same time. Once I got involved in the subject, the muse abruptly fell asleep snoring loudly… at this stage I was wide awake and with no ground breaking post to present to you guys at all. Bloody useless muse! *

Hmmm manager walked pass…. maybe I should stop talking nonsense and ACTUALLY do some work this afternoon. Hope you guys have a good morning/day/afternoon/evening in whatever timezone you are at the moment.

* Muse is not really a real person (don’t tell her though) – thought I’d tell you, you know… just in case. Haven’t quite lost the plot… yet.

Yesterday I decided to go into town and have a chat to a tattoo artist about the design I have thought about. After wandering the streets of Dublin for a little while we finally found the place, Tattoo Prime on South William Street. My partner A kindly agreed to come with me. It was a basement studio and it was pretty quiet when we arrived at about 14:00. I met the artist that was in at the time, a nice guy called Kursat. He had a look at the pictures that I had brought of designs I liked. We talked about the different designs and what ideas I had and if it would be possible etc, which meant that I would not look too much like a total eejiit hopefully… He then took a few minutes and drew the design on paper.

I was very happy with what he came up with. He then asked me if I wanted to have it done straight away. I was a bit surprised as I didn’t count on getting it done so soon, but why not! So there I then sat for approximately 3.5 hours. It’s a good thing that A was with me so that he could supply coffee during this time. My bum started to fall sleep after a few hours… I was kind of sitting a bit funny in order to be able to angle my leg the easiest.

After all was finished, I was very happy with the results and had a good few laughs with the guys in the studio. A and myself ended up famished in our favourite Japanese restaurant Yamamori Sushi, stuffing ourselves on great food. What a day.

So here I am now sitting with clingfilm around my leg every once in a while for the first few days. I felt a bit stupid in work when I had to go to the bathroom to wash the tattoo and then having to pull my left trouser leg up so that the tattoo got aired a while. It must have been some sight walking around the office with one trousers leg pulled up to the knee. After a while I had to put some tattoo goo on it again and re-wrap myself in clingfilm…and yes, I brought clingfilm to the office…

And the result? I am very happy with it! It will take a while to heal but it was definitely worth it.

Not the best photos in the world, using my phone… will try to take better pics once all is healed and then actually using my camera.

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It is Thursday evening and I am so totally having a Friday feeling today. Most likely because I have actually taken tomorrow off but also because I am just back from a dinner with a bunch of colleagues in work. It was really good fun. I was not able to have a few glasses of wine because I was driving but I did have many great laughs…especially in regards to all the sarcastic comments and underhand threats to remove the in-restaurant “entertainment”. There was this guy on a keyboard and two girls singing (if you want to call it that) while shaking maracas… to mainly ABBA songs… now please tell me…were there ever any maracas in any ABBA songs?? It was hysterical!

At least the food was good even though it took forever before we got it and the espresso that I ordered never arrived…they must still be in negotiations with the coffee bean vendor in Brazil or something. At least work paid for the dinner…so I am just smiling at all of it. It would probably have been a very different experience if we hadn’t had so many laughs about it or if we had to actually pay for all.

All in all a fun evening. Now I am off to bed and tomorrow I will have a nice long snooze in the morning. Oh yeah!

A good moment or five

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Life
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Sometimes it is easy to forget about all those little but immensely worthwhile moments that I come across on a daily basis. They are not always very obvious if I do not look for them. It is easy to get bogged down with everyday issues and whatnot that happens in our lives.

I could go on about the things that happened to me in work or at home today that I didn’t like or that annoyed or frustrated me  – and believe me I could probably stretch the list a bit, as could most. But… I will not. All that will achieve is making me miserable as I relive all that was wrong in my opinion. It will not solve anything nor will it make tomorrow easier.

What I want to express are the moments that made me smile today. The split seconds that are there to remind me that life is made up of moments and that it is I and I alone that decides which instances to focus on and take with me as memories of the day.

So today I will take with me:

  • The embarrassed laugh from early this morning as I realised that I was so deep in my own sleepy world that I actually missed the elevator doors opening and closing again in front of me as I waited for it.
  • The taste of the first coffee of the day as I sipped it together with a fresh croissant.
  • Having a laugh with my colleagues about something mundane.
  • Receiving a compliment for the perfume I am wearing.
  • Laughing out load at the antics of the DJ’s on the radio when I was driving home and continuing having a smile on my face listening to good music being played.

I will end today with a smile because I choose to take with me the good moments of the day.

For the love of coffee.

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Coffee, Food
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Some people have an uncomplicated relationship to coffee… they drink it because it does what it says on the box and gets them through the day. Period. My relationship with coffee started later in my life than most of my friends. I was never one of those student that used coffee to get through a night of studying or to recover from a heavy drinking session the night before. I just didn’t like it and couldn’t understand why anyone drank it. For me it started when I took my first steps in my first real full-time employment. There it was…waiting for me. Trying to fit in with the new colleagues, going for coffee and deciding if I will have a latte, cappuccino or espresso. Then I discovered something… that I absolutely love that first sip of a well-done latte. Now all the sudden it became very important to have a good latte, not just an average one, and there is nothing worse than getting a badly made coffee. The disappointment! I have found a few places where I can get the latte that I like but every once in a while you go somewhere inconspicuous and you get this, seemingly not very exciting, cup in your hand and then you take that first sip and you realize that this is just perfect. You hold your breath, taste the coffee and a feeling of total contentment spreads through your entire body and you just smile and think to yourself… this is pure bliss.

Mmmmm… this is a good start of the day.