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Chicken soup

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Food, Rant
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Chicken soup and toast

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The first blog post of the new years will be about… chicken soup. How exciting!! OK, I understand if you now close down the page and shake your head in despair. But hey… tough! I have been feeling particular crap and been feeling sorry for myself, as I am very good at that when I am not well. Maybe not man-flu like but definitely close.

I am now forced to eat antibiotics so that I can stop coughing this century preferably. Those who know me or have read this blog a bit would know that I am not keen to go to the doctor much (out of stubbornness more than anything) but this time I did…. 60 Euro (!!!!!) for a 5 minute consultation to be told I have a chest infection (no kidding). Ahh well, at least I can have a conversation for more than 5 minutes now without sounding like I’m about to cough my lungs out …though I’d share that lovely picture with you, nice as I am.

So, now I am sitting at home and am very, very bored. The alleviate this I have decided to cook. The one thing I really, really would like to have right now is homemade chicken soup. Was on the phones yesterday with my sister for ages and we were both salivating at the thought of our mum’s chicken soup. I have never made one from scratch so this should prove interesting.

I have the general recipe. One whole chicken, lots of nice veg and then some salt and pepper. Sounds easy enough. Fingers crossed this will taste well.

Wish me luck.

Saffron bun, photo taken in Sweden

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I have survived the first real Xmas party of the season. Spend most of yesterday dragging my feet behind me in a zombie-like state. Feeling slightly nauseous and delicate all Saturday. Thank heavens for Berocca! After a long sleep and easy morning I now feel alive again. As it is getting towards Xmas very fast now, I have once again tackled the domestic peaks that only occur around this time of years. I bake. I actually enjoy it as well.

Have just started the first batch of traditional Swedish Lucia buns (Lussekatter). It is a sweet bread with saffron and raisins. VERY TASTY!! Am just hoping that I get it right as it has been a while since the last time…well a year. I never seem to find time to bake and do the more complicated cooking that takes more than 20 minutes but once I start I do enjoy it. Provided music is playing in the background and I have enough time. Music is important when baking and cooking. At the moment the album “Lungs” by Florence and the Machine is playing in the background. Other days when baking I have Carmen by Bizet playing or anything by Muse. All depends on my mood I guess.

Time to continue being domestic now. Wish me luck it pays off and that I won’t burn the lot. 🙂