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A kiss

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Love
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Light as a feather. But a breath away. A hint of things to come.

Heart pounding wildly. The sound echoing between the walls. Trembling.

The first tentative touch. Oh, that first gentle touch. So soft.

Breath catching. Darkened eyes, fire on fire. Whispered words heard.

Desire at war. Exquisite intimacy. At last.


Posted: November 9, 2010 in Life, Martial arts, Reflections, Thoughts
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It is getting quite late this evening. I have just got home from a training session at the club and am feeling pretty tired. It was a good evening. I am longing to crawl in under my duvet now. I am shivering from being tired and from the cold outside. My bed is nice and warm and that is where I am heading.

Mellow music is playing quietly in the background and my brain is entering shut down mode. It is almost like when you linger between wakefulness and sleep. Just before you enter the dream world. Thoughts enter and escape unbidden and the world seems to slow down. All you can hear is the wind outside and after a while even that is barely noticeable.

It is time to go to bed. To re-charge. To dream. To sleep.

In a world far, far away all the magical happenings you ever dreamed of are possible. It is a world far away yet always with you. This is where you go when you sleep and where you play when you daydream.

Daydreaming is an art. It is the art of letting your mind wander and dream about places, scenarios and people you would like to encounter. There is no guilt, no social or natural rules and nothing is impossible. You decide what happens and you decide the outcome of you fantasies. Your imagination can roam freely.

As a child I daydreamed a lot and this continued into my teenage years. As an adult I stopped at some stage, being too busy with day-to-day life, until I one day realised that these moments were too precious to ignore and that they constituted an important part of my wellbeing. In my daydreams I have seen fantastic places and met wonderous people, creatures and beings. I have fought, cried, laughed and cheered. Been young, old and ageless. Been myself, been someone else.

Daydreaming has given me and continues to give me insights of whom I am and how I function. It has helped me searching for answers to questions I didn’t know that I had. Daydreaming enables me to do more of the things I like to do, to see and experience in real life. At the same time it relaxes me and allows me to shut down from all demands, responsibilities and day-to-day necessities. It gives me space to breath, to recharge and have tremendous fun.

Everyone should allow themselves a short period in their busy lives where they can explore their imagination and dreams. It is vital to live life in reality to the best of you abilities but equally important to dream.

For what is a life with no dreams?