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I wrote this a while back. When my thoughts were dark and it felt too raw to publish. I am not used to writing like this and the mere thought of me writing anything resembling poetry makes me feel a bit embarrassed in all honesty. Still… here it is.

The streets of her mind are unknown. They stretch into the distance. The smile does not reach her eyes. Every word feels empty. 

She goes through the motions every day. Sometimes it gives reprieve. Sometimes it makes her feel like a fool. A fool in a play that does not end.

Unable to voice her thoughts she stares blindly ahead. Silent tears running down her face. Her hands clutched to her chest. With every breath she trembles.

She does not know why. She does not know how. All she knows is that she has fallen. Into the whirling maelstrom.

Such a brilliant tune! “Jigsaw” by Ryan Sheridan – filmed in Dublin. I loooooove this song!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how easy it is to feel lost. Those moments when you don’t know whether you are coming or going. When you doubt everything and everyone around you, for no apparent reason.

I’ve been there more times than I like to admit but yet…

… sometimes not much is needed to turn the dark moments around. Some days it is those small things in life that can make a huge difference. Some days this is all that is needed, for me to feel good again.

Knowing someone cares that I am there in that particular moment
Having a coffee with a friend and just having a laugh
A heartfelt hug or just a touch
When someone makes the effort to try to make me smile

“I got lost to find my way/Still I’m standing in the dark/With the one hand holding on to night/And one to day…” – Ryan Sheridan.