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I dared the elements and ventured out in the ice and snow among the deserted streets of Dublin to go the extra mile, to make the effort to, to make it to the club for a training class.

OK… slight exaggeration… it wasn’t that dramatic really. I drove to the dojo…it was a bit icy and a bit snowy and no problem at all. I just took it easy but listening to the radio in the car one would think that we are in the deadlock of -35 degrees with 15 feet of snow. Talks about bitterly cold arctic conditions and making no unnecessary journeys etc. FFS… it is about -1 and a bit icy…OK, some spots were more icy than others..but still!

Now that is not the point of this post. My point is that I was back training and it was great. It ended up just being three of us (instructor plus two students) but I really enjoyed myself. We had a very open mat evening trying out a few different things. It feels really good that I went there tonight. I need to feel that I am getting back on track as I have missed too much already.

Bring on Thursday!


I am sitting here trying to mentally prepare myself for taking up a proper exercise routine again. I have not been able to go down to the dojo for over 4 weeks now and even though I have been to the gym, it is still not the same. I have had some travel for work in between as well which means that the gym has suffered a bit as well.

On Thursday I am hoping to get the all clear by my optician to start training again. I am really raring to go and start training but I also know that I will most likely have a near death experience on the first session. Considering that work is getting really busy, I know that I will really benefit from being able to punch, shove, kick and throw someone. All very civilized of course….as the other party gets to do the same thing back at you.

And lets face it, I am quite a bit competitive and the fact that I am now lagging behind the others that started at the same time with me, does not sit all to well with me. I know that it is no competition but still… I definitely need to get out on the mats again! Fingers crossed for Thursday and woohoo! 🙂


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This was one of those days were I woke up and most definitely did not want to get up. I was wrecked, aching and slow. I still am. The reason for this is not any emotional distress (thankfully) but the aftermath of yesterdays training session in the club.

After almost two weeks of very little exercise due to work commitments (i.e travel) and sickness, I was ready and looking forward to a proper training session at the Bujinkan dojo. I got there early so that I could ease into the beginners group and work on some basics before the main class started. The intense warm up at the main class almost did me in… It is unbelievable how fast I lost what little fitness that I had, having build it up painstakingly slow. The summer months have meant that much of my work-out routine suffered and I have not kept it up as much as I should have and after a period of hardly any exercise it felt like starting all over again.

Then after almost 2 hours of hitting, lunging, kicking, throwing and landing on my bum I was suitable destroyed. Physically exhausted and sporting a good few new bruises. Mentally tired but still feeling good. I got home and then the damn migraine decided to kick in so there was little left to do than to just collapse into bed after a hot shower. After a way too short sleep it was time to get up again and that is when the feeling of being broken materialized. Still having a headache, feeling stiff and discovering a new, lovely and painful bruise on my knee I stumbled out of bed (it was not a pretty sight).

I made it to work (was probably looking pathetic) but I stayed on and after a few hours and a few coffees later I started to feel a little alive again. So now here I am sitting at home after a nice meal, listening to some music while typing away and I am still tired, still bruised and aching but I know that once tomorrow comes I will be back down at the dojo. I will do it all again and again and maybe, just maybe I will find myself a little less broken the next time. I will continue going and my fitness level will hopefully get the hint and improve as well but most of all I will enjoy it.

I started doing martial arts about one year ago, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu to be precise. I had never ever tried any martial arts previously so this was definitely a first for me.

To give you a bit of a background; I was always curious about martial arts but to chicken to try it out and I always felt that some martial arts that I looked at were too rigid or felt like they demanded someone who already was super fit and flexible, neither which was applicable to me. I have spent my life going from being slightly fit to being very unfit and back and forth. I enjoy going to the gym but I have never managed to keep it up regularly.

Last year I saw this flier about a beginners class starting close to where I live. It mentioned getting fit and self-defense and so forth. I got curious and I decided to have a look. After the initial meeting with the instructor and having had a look at a class I decided that I would sign up for the beginners course… I haven’t looked back. I absolutely love it and the guys in the club are a brilliant bunch. The people who train at the club are from different backgrounds but this art connects us and we always have a laugh.

Why do I love it? I feel more confident when I am out as I now have an idea on how to defend myself if need be, I am slowly (but surely) getting fitter and stronger, the guys are a laugh… but there is more, something intangible that I cannot put my finger on yet, it’s a feeling of pure joy after each training session. No matter how physical and exhausting the training session is, I leave feeling happy. No matter what mood I was in before I got there, I always leave with a smile on my face. This is more than just a regular gym session to keep fit. I feel at ease, at home and know that I will continue with this art for as long as I can. Maybe one day I will be able to tell you why I truly love it – until then, I’ll keep you posted.