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They fit.

My old, previously button-popping tight, old blue short.

Trust me. I tried them on about 50 times in a week to prove the fact.

So here is is: the way, waaay delayed update on my progress for the “new healthier me”. And there you thought that I had given up, fallen of the health-wagon and stuck my head into the chocolate fountain. (Yes it is still one of the better “The Vicar of Dibley” episodes!).

But no, I have actually continued with the whole “going to the gym all the freaking time” and looking after what I eat.

I feel great! It is going veeery slowly, probably because I am not doing some mad crash diet and am still trying to find the right food combo that I like, enjoy and want to eat frequently.

After 4.5 months I have now dropped one size comfortably, lost 5-6kg and most importantly…. my blood pressure has really improved!! Woohoo!

I have become slightly obsessed with checking progress once a week. A week ago or so I was convinced I put on loads of weight cos I felt like I was the size of Jabba the Hut so there I was trying on those shorts and that shirt 50 times just to convince myself that I really had not put it all on again. Panic over.

You know what though, I am soon getting to that scary moment when I will near the same weight I had over 10 years ago and then I will hopefully go below that. Now that would be something alright!

Think I might try on those blue shorts again….

Oh… this is good though. Enjoy!


The last two weeks have passed really, really fast and I am once again back in Dublin. I have had a great time in Sweden and could write a long detailed account about all the good times, hysterical laughs, great conversations, lively discussions, divine wines drunk and fabulous food eaten… but… I decided not to. Instead I will focus on what tickled my senses and share a few photos with you.

Because it is easy to just write down a point by point description of what I did but this was a holiday that I tried to experience with all my senses. In a way that really relaxed me and did what it was supposed to do – recharge me. So I will try to do my best to convey this to you. If I fail, well then at least you will know one thing… it still was a fabulous holiday!

Laughs with my brother. The smell of paint in the summer air. The sun warming in my back as I work away. Muscles aching in the evening. Feeling relaxed.

The scent of freshly cut grass. The adrenaline when I nearly keeled over – lawn mover go-kart…

That first taste of a cold beer after a day outside. The divine smell from the BBQ.

The sense of calm in the forest. Seeing the light filtering through the trees. The peace all around.

The amazing scent of fir trees after a warm summer shower.

The sweet taste of wild strawberries.

The belly aching laughs when playing Kinect with my sister and brother. The groans of embarrassed despair when seeing the recordings of said gameplay.. (and forget it, NOT sharing those.. ).

The beauty of all the many small lakes dotted between the trees. Sinking into warm still water as the sun sets. The faint sound of buzzing insects.

The smell of the salty ocean. The laughter from children running into the water. Sand between my toes. The sun warming my tummy. The intoxicating scent of sun-kissed skin. Feeling the world slowly tuning out as my eyes get heavy and I snooze in the sun.

The smooth taste from a 10yr old Tullamore Dew single malt. Feeling thoughtful, happy and content in the evening sun.

Calm sea. Not even a breeze to be felt. Distant cries from seagulls echo across the water.

Walking through Ale forest along the coast. A bird sanctuary can be found in a small swamp. The green colours are amazing. The buzzing and blood sucking mosquitoes are not as amazing. The itching bites are annoying but still… part of summer.

The food… oh the fabulous food. Every bite to be savored. Taste bud heaven.

The stormy spray of sea mist. The wind blowing through my hair. Giggles as we try to get at least one pic we both can live with.

Café en seine - Dublin, IE

Image by desmeki via Flickr

It has been a whole week since I posted something on my blog. Can’t believe time has just flown so fast. It has been one of those weeks were much was done in the “real” world with little time to read blogs, check emails or write anything down.

I will not bore anyone with updates about work, part from that it was mad busy and a bit manic. The rest of the working week (or the few hours left over) … I can’t actually remember much of what I did…how bad is that…! Collapsed in bed is likely. However on Friday the fun started. A few friends (who flew in from different locations) and the rest of us still in Dublin all met up and had a girls only dinner with lots of wine, laughter, great food and a volume level enough to break the sound barrier. It was fab! Next day it continued with late brunch (Herbstreet restaurant; highly recommended) then dinner together with more friends and significant others (Pacinos restaurant; avoid!!) and a must visit to Cafe en Seine…it was packed, it was boiling hot, the dancing was entertaining and the drinks kept coming. Sunday arrived, it was time for breakfast/brunch/late lunch with the same gang…  at Koh restaurant (oh sooo good!). So many laughs and so much good food (and lots of water… oh and some irish coffee to balance things). Then all the sudden the weekend was over and all had to go back home where-ever that might be. Miss you all already!!

Now I just have to catch up with everything else. My mail, my blog, other blogs… my laundry! I will also try to get some cooking done this week as this is part of my new plan. Cook loads and put into containers so that I can just defrost in the evenings when I am too knackered to cook after work.

It was great eating out all weekend. Wish I could do it (and afford it) more often. Time to put something together in the kitchen I think… a pinch of this and a pinch of that will do just fine.


Chicken soup

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Food, Rant
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Chicken soup and toast

Image via Wikipedia

The first blog post of the new years will be about… chicken soup. How exciting!! OK, I understand if you now close down the page and shake your head in despair. But hey… tough! I have been feeling particular crap and been feeling sorry for myself, as I am very good at that when I am not well. Maybe not man-flu like but definitely close.

I am now forced to eat antibiotics so that I can stop coughing this century preferably. Those who know me or have read this blog a bit would know that I am not keen to go to the doctor much (out of stubbornness more than anything) but this time I did…. 60 Euro (!!!!!) for a 5 minute consultation to be told I have a chest infection (no kidding). Ahh well, at least I can have a conversation for more than 5 minutes now without sounding like I’m about to cough my lungs out …though I’d share that lovely picture with you, nice as I am.

So, now I am sitting at home and am very, very bored. The alleviate this I have decided to cook. The one thing I really, really would like to have right now is homemade chicken soup. Was on the phones yesterday with my sister for ages and we were both salivating at the thought of our mum’s chicken soup. I have never made one from scratch so this should prove interesting.

I have the general recipe. One whole chicken, lots of nice veg and then some salt and pepper. Sounds easy enough. Fingers crossed this will taste well.

Wish me luck.

Traditional maracas

Image via Wikipedia

It is Thursday evening and I am so totally having a Friday feeling today. Most likely because I have actually taken tomorrow off but also because I am just back from a dinner with a bunch of colleagues in work. It was really good fun. I was not able to have a few glasses of wine because I was driving but I did have many great laughs…especially in regards to all the sarcastic comments and underhand threats to remove the in-restaurant “entertainment”. There was this guy on a keyboard and two girls singing (if you want to call it that) while shaking maracas… to mainly ABBA songs… now please tell me…were there ever any maracas in any ABBA songs?? It was hysterical!

At least the food was good even though it took forever before we got it and the espresso that I ordered never arrived…they must still be in negotiations with the coffee bean vendor in Brazil or something. At least work paid for the dinner…so I am just smiling at all of it. It would probably have been a very different experience if we hadn’t had so many laughs about it or if we had to actually pay for all.

All in all a fun evening. Now I am off to bed and tomorrow I will have a nice long snooze in the morning. Oh yeah!

Moaning session

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Food, Life, Rant
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Right, here I am sitting in front of my laptop when I really should be down at the gym spending time on a treadmill but somehow I can’t make myself today. It looks like today will turn into one of those lazy days where neither my mind or body will fully wake up all day.

The day started with me fully intending to go to the gym but somehow I managed to talk myself out of it. I am always equally amazed when I end up doing something entirely different from I have planned and it is caused by that little voice inside that really messes everything up. That voice is very, very stubborn and is definitely not looking out for my best interest, unless that entails sitting on my bum eating ice cream or other equally tempting snacks. That voice is also the main reason I refuse to diet anymore as all that has ever achieved is me gaining more weight. The minute I start a diet that voice overrides all and all the sudden everything except what I should eat is the most desirable food on this earth.

I have, after many years, started to overrule this annoying voice and realized that the only way to do this is to fool the bugger. By thinking about eating healthy but nice stuff and not over doing the whole diet thing I can still feel like normal. Mixing that with more exercise works. This will take longer and has its frustrating moments but hopefully it will do the trick. Two steps forward, one step back… am having a step back today.

At least I resisted the temptation to buy a tub of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream in the shop. I went for good oul grapes instead… yes, yes I know they are full of sugar and so fort but at least I can pretend to be somewhat healthy now that I am sitting at home instead.

So today I moan and tomorrow I will be back in the gym and as always, feel great ones I am in there.

For the love of coffee.

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Some people have an uncomplicated relationship to coffee… they drink it because it does what it says on the box and gets them through the day. Period. My relationship with coffee started later in my life than most of my friends. I was never one of those student that used coffee to get through a night of studying or to recover from a heavy drinking session the night before. I just didn’t like it and couldn’t understand why anyone drank it. For me it started when I took my first steps in my first real full-time employment. There it was…waiting for me. Trying to fit in with the new colleagues, going for coffee and deciding if I will have a latte, cappuccino or espresso. Then I discovered something… that I absolutely love that first sip of a well-done latte. Now all the sudden it became very important to have a good latte, not just an average one, and there is nothing worse than getting a badly made coffee. The disappointment! I have found a few places where I can get the latte that I like but every once in a while you go somewhere inconspicuous and you get this, seemingly not very exciting, cup in your hand and then you take that first sip and you realize that this is just perfect. You hold your breath, taste the coffee and a feeling of total contentment spreads through your entire body and you just smile and think to yourself… this is pure bliss.

Mmmmm… this is a good start of the day.