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I am not a touchy-feely person really, never have been. When I grew up there was not so much physical contact. Sure we hugged but not often. Affection was more shown through humour and laughs. My dad would show his affection by ruffling my hair more than anything. He still laughs a bit embarrassed every time I give him a hug nowadays. My sister has always been the big hugger in the family and I have always loved that, still do.

Do not get me wrong, I felt loved at home but just always a little bit insecure when it came to showing it openly. I was quite shy when I was younger. Not so much when it came to communicating with my family (I talked non-stop then) but when it came to physical contact I mostly always waited for someone else to take the first step. In some sense I am still like that. I have had to work hard to open up more in this respect. It has taken quite some time and it is still work in progress.

I can sometimes long for that contact but am too shy to take the first step, even though this has improved a lot over the years. This does not mean that I want to hug everyone I see or be all touchy-feely or want others to be so all the time, as that would just really annoy me after a while but sometimes hugs are very, very nice.

For me it is a way to show that I love and/or care about a person, as I have always sucked at actually saying the words out loud. A hug shows affection and does not have to mean anything sexually (unless you progress that hug… mmm… but that is another topic for another day). A hug should mean something. A hug should be given and received freely. The worst thing I know are those meaningless I-will-hug-you-very-quickly-but-barely-touch-you kind of hugs that feel so contrived. That is almost as bad as a sloppy handshake. Shudder!

So to sum up my somewhat odd post ( I have no idea why I started writing about this now) all I want to say is; always make your hugs convey something and always mean them.