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I am having my (very late) breakfast and am trying to plan my day.  If the sun was shining I would be on the balcony… plans or no plans. Instead I have enough little things to keep me busy. My cats are thrilled I am home so that they can show me all the new spots they have found in the apartment. The chasing game has ended and we are now in pro-longed cat nap time.

I have spent 3 days putting together IKEA furniture with a friend. It has been fun but also frustrating, especially when it didn’t want to work out the way we had planned. Lots of coffee, swearing and insane laughter later… it is done. Even managed to get out-of-town for a few hours. Drove to the Wicklow Mountains with no particular destination in mind… probably explains the VERY bumpy roads we ended up on. It was really nice getting out and a good laugh. Next time though… I will bring proper footwear. I love my sandals but they are not great for longer walks.

Right now though, I will close my eyes and listen to one of my absolute favorite songs by Adele.

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I spent a good few hours putting together IKEA furniture at a friend’s place yesterday and more is to come today. As neither of us own a drill or any electric screwdrivers it was down to using manual labour and manual tools. It was warm out and even warmer inside. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There is something immensely satisfactory about putting something together properly and then seeing the finished product. It makes me feel good. I even love the smell of sawdust that always comes with any wooden product. I have always loved working with wood. Well… I do not love the feeling of the same sawdust filling my nostrils and eyes when it gets really dusty but hey can’t have the good without the bad I guess.

I was always taught that if you are going to do something then do it properly. I can be incredibly lazy (oh yes… there is no doubt about that) but once I actually do something then I have to do my best. I might not be a professional carpenter or handy(woman) and that I can live with but it irks me (or annoys the hell out of me) when I know I could have made it better. Good enough is not… good enough.

Sometimes I think I am in the wrong field of work but then I am pretty happy where I am now as well. I will just have to enjoy the existence of flat-pack furniture.

One more weekend and then I FINALLY will have moved all my things. I cannot believe how much time and effort this has taken. Well OK… I have only been able to move on weekends due to work commitments but still. It feels like the never-ending move.

I moved my cats yesterday. They spent most of the day checking all out and giving me a look stating “ehhhh what’s this place?” The remainder of the day was spend sunbathing on the balcony – after checking out the other cats and dogs in the area first. Think the balcony was a hit.

Have to say the new apartment is looking nice. It looks like someone lives there now instead of just lodging. Have bought a few things in IKEA… so am ridiculously skint now but it makes a difference to the place.

I also need to sort out an internet connection… I so, sooo need to get Internet! Phone surfing is a pain. I actually feel extremely restricted. The blog writing is suffering and trying to follow other blogs is also a challenge. My phone screen is not exactly huge. Not to mention that sometimes I want to check something and I more or less have to wait until I am in work and happen to have 2 minutes to check it up. Yeah I know… first world problem.

Next step… move the last things this upcoming weekend. Buy a TV – for those days when I just want to watch a film. Most importantly… have some friends over for a few beverages (hrrmm). Woohoo! Hehe!

There are days when I am convinced that I can do anything. Then there are days when everything I lay my hands on crumbles into an almighty mess. Those not so good days do often occur when I attempt to do something that I am not so very adept at doing but where I still stubbornly strive ahead.

I do not like not being able to do something. It grates on my nerves and frustrates me. I am impatient, prone to temper outbursts when things don’t work out the way I want them to (yes, I know very childish) and hate feeling limited. I am also curious and this can express itself in many different ways. If something needs to be done then I’d like to know how to do it. This doesn’t mean that I have a problem letting someone else doing it, I just want to be able to it myself in case I one day might need to. This has meant that I paid attention when my Dad was telling me how to take care of a car. I also taught myself to wallpaper, to paint, putting together IKEA furniture and other practical things.When I learn to do something, anything from driving to painting to cooking, I want to learn to do it well so that I can look at it and say “This looks,works, feels good!”.

Now, there a few things that, no matter how hard I try, I cannot get my head around:

Computer issues. I happily use a computer every day. The problem arises when the computer doesn’t work the way it should do or even did just 5 minutes ago. My PC in work and I have an understanding… I won’t shout at it and it doesn’t crash on me. So far it has been a pretty good relationship. At home it is a more complicated situation as my connectivity is not only dependent of my laptop but also the firewall, wireless switch, file server and whatnot that my partner has set-up. Obviously this type of set-up is normal in a company but then there are hordes of IT technicians around to fix issues in companies… whereas at home it is just my poor partner laboring while I pace impatiently, muttering and sighing frustratingly behind him, crowding his space.  It is not pretty, I am aware of it. There are however very few things out there that can drive me up the walls as quickly as a malfunctioning computer.

Unless, we enter the realm of sewing. This is a realm where I am totally ill at ease in. I feel lost even when entering a fabrics and alteration shop. I cannot sew at all. I wish I could. I wish I had the magic fingers that must be a prerequisite for this art. My Mum is very good at it and she would always fix ripped cuddly toys, sew up curtains or adjust clothes etc. I however do not seem to have the knack for it. I spent many years in school, in home economics, trying to sew, knit, embroider, you name it and failed every time. The teachers could not understand how I couldn’t get it and in the end one told me to change to wood/metal work and stick with that.

As an adult I would like to be able to at least sew some of the simplest things. But alas, I can’t. Not for lack of trying, I even bought a sewing machine that is supposed to be easy to use and great. But I now have crooked curtains instead as I tried to hem them myself and I just spend over an hour trying sew together a seem in a ripped t-shirt and a ripped seem in a pair of training trousers. It was a disaster. I am just very happy that no-one else was at home as they would most likely have gotten their heads ripped off (and not sewed on properly again… OK, very bad joke).

So I just have to face it… I can’t fix computer issues and I can’t sew the simplest things. It is annoying but for my own sanity I will just have to accept these limitations and live with it. At least my kitchen clock is working again, the house is clean, the cats claws are trimmed and some home-baked chocolate cookies are coming up soon. All in all not a totally wasted day. 🙂