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Skating along

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Blogging, Life
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Oh my… I have not posted in AGES! What has happened you might ask…. well time happened. AND a whole load of other shite that I’m really not in the mood for or have time for (see: time again..) to go through.

Let’s just leave it at time has flown. There has not been enough time left in the day after work, getting my head around crap that happened, hanging with friends (trying to forget said crap) and sleeping. Yes, I do love a good snooze.

But hey, slowly but surely things are working out. twi twi twi, fingers crossed, salt chucked over shoulder etc etc>. Some decisions were made, some not so fun ones. A plan is slowly taking shape. It is spring in the air and the sun is shining this afternoon. It is going in the right direction. April is looking promising – a few days away to the west of Ireland over Easter, friends visiting another weekend and hopefully some normality.

As an added bonus I found my old inline skates in a bag. I have been pondering the fact that I do need to find some way to add a cardio work-out in my life that does not involve spending money or jogging (cos no matter how many times I try, I still detest it). So et voilà! Inline skating! I have not done it for years but I believe I remember the basics…. If I write the next post from a hospital bed you will know what has happened. With the evenings staying brighter for long, it could just be the perfect solution.

Wish me luck.

The wheels and frame of an inline skate.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)