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In work at some stage today the subject of teenage angst and being a teenager came up. We talked about how most of us would not want to go back to when we were around 15. All the insecurities, trying to find our place in the world, wanting to be unique but at the same so desperate to fit in. Fretting about if so and so likes us, wanting to be part of the right gang or full of disdain for the others not part of “our” group.

The drama. The commotion. The hormones. The emotional roller coasters. Feeling misunderstood. The black&white aspects of our young lives.

So what has changed?

We might have gained some more confidence. Gone through serious relationships. Experienced the ups and downs of everyday life. Gained a better understanding of where we are in life. Realized life floats more in a gray-scale than in black&white.


Are we not still searching? Trying to be part of something meaningful? Fitting in with people we like and respect? Being understood?

Do you feel that people “get” you?

It struck me when I was driving home that I often feel that people do not “get” me at all. I do not mean that they do not understand my weird sense of humor or that people do not understand what I say (even though that does happen…). It is more on a deeper, knowing someone really well level. I believe that it is easy to know someone skin-deep but going further is unusual. It is hard. Not only does the person you want to get to know, have to open up but you must also dare to really try to get to know the other person. It requires a lot of work, patience and  involvement. Things that most are too busy to deal with.

Sometimes you can run into people who seem so easy to get to know. Where you can feel that you have known them for years. Then why can it be so much more difficult with others? Even people who you actually like? Maybe the people who seem so easy to get to know really are more multifaceted that we think. Maybe we are only getting a glimpse of who they really are.

Or maybe some of us are just too weird. Too complicated. Too demanding?

Isn’t that a great feeling?…

Or maybe I should just stop listening to angsty music (read: “Absolution” by Muse) in the car while stuck in traffic. I tend to think too much.