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In a world far, far away all the magical happenings you ever dreamed of are possible. It is a world far away yet always with you. This is where you go when you sleep and where you play when you daydream.

Daydreaming is an art. It is the art of letting your mind wander and dream about places, scenarios and people you would like to encounter. There is no guilt, no social or natural rules and nothing is impossible. You decide what happens and you decide the outcome of you fantasies. Your imagination can roam freely.

As a child I daydreamed a lot and this continued into my teenage years. As an adult I stopped at some stage, being too busy with day-to-day life, until I one day realised that these moments were too precious to ignore and that they constituted an important part of my wellbeing. In my daydreams I have seen fantastic places and met wonderous people, creatures and beings. I have fought, cried, laughed and cheered. Been young, old and ageless. Been myself, been someone else.

Daydreaming has given me and continues to give me insights of whom I am and how I function. It has helped me searching for answers to questions I didn’t know that I had. Daydreaming enables me to do more of the things I like to do, to see and experience in real life. At the same time it relaxes me and allows me to shut down from all demands, responsibilities and day-to-day necessities. It gives me space to breath, to recharge and have tremendous fun.

Everyone should allow themselves a short period in their busy lives where they can explore their imagination and dreams. It is vital to live life in reality to the best of you abilities but equally important to dream.

For what is a life with no dreams?

Staying awake most of the night just because I can’t put a book down – that is something that I have done countless times.

That feeling of becoming totally absorbed in a good story is something that I discovered at an early age. My parents read fairy tales to me from as long as I recall and I remember being impatient when it wasn’t told fast enough or for a long enough time. I wanted more. Once I learned how to read, then there was no end to it. I was at the school library as often as I could. I learned to read as fast as I could as I wanted to know what would happen in the story.  I would spend hours reading in bed, long after I was supposed to be asleep, as there was no way that I could go to sleep not knowing what would happen.

This is something that has continued throughout my life. I still get a great thrill from reading a new book and discovering that it is really good. The search for a good read can sometimes be frustrating. There are so many books out there and there is always a risk that you will be disappointed. Unless you strictly stick to one category that you know that you like, you will have to go by trial and error. It really is a very disappointing moment when you realize that the book that you are reading doesn’t do it for you. When you want to put it down, never to pick it up again.

I read a bit of everything and I like a bit of everything. Depending on my mood; I read romances, chick lit, adventure, drama, humor, horror, suspense, fantasy, comic books and through in a few biographies and fact-based books as well. The compelling event for me is if the story grips me, urges me to stay and read on.

There is something about how a good book can get you so drawn into the story and I will be forever grateful that there are authors out there that have this fantastic gift of writing these compelling tales. There are few things as satisfying as finding a book that pulls you into the story and keeps you there. Where you see everything in front of you, hear every sounds described and feel every emotion intended. It is magic.

Now where did I put that book again…?