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You know that feeling when you are in work but the last thing on your mind is actually work? When everything but work is more interesting. This is not the same as when work feels like a pain in the neck but more of a barely noticed side-task.

That is me today. Must be the leftover residue from the boozing session my muse had last night. I just feel like talking nonsense all day and not really bothering much about anything. My colleagues already think I am off my rocker as it is ( that weird Swedish girl who never shuts up talking, is bruised all the time, with no business fashion sense at all and who swears loudly at her screen…). Haha aah well, what can I say…. that’s me. So instead I decided to write a post (while in work..tut tut).

Ahem… not sure what to write about though. Wouldn’t mind sitting in a nice café now with some friends, drinking copious amounts of lattes and musing about this and that lightheartedly. I could spend hours doing that right now.

I am also pretty sleepy today as I just could not get to sleep last night. I blame the muse as she was hiccupping and wanting to have profound discussions about post topics after the pub crawl. It is very hard to sleep and debate post topics at the same time. Once I got involved in the subject, the muse abruptly fell asleep snoring loudly… at this stage I was wide awake and with no ground breaking post to present to you guys at all. Bloody useless muse! *

Hmmm manager walked pass…. maybe I should stop talking nonsense and ACTUALLY do some work this afternoon. Hope you guys have a good morning/day/afternoon/evening in whatever timezone you are at the moment.

* Muse is not really a real person (don’t tell her though) – thought I’d tell you, you know… just in case. Haven’t quite lost the plot… yet.