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As you all know I am an avid animal fan. I have two cats that are loved, cherished and spoiled like mad. I also love dogs and really most animal (OK… NOT a fan of spiders). I also understand that not all persons love animals with the same passion I do or even like animals. That is OK. I have no problem with someone saying that they prefer not to have a pet or be around animals. There can be many reasons for it and I can respect that. It is not everyone’s cup of tea.

What I cannot respect, abide or accept are people who are cruel and neglectful to animals. That actually makes me see red. Every day I read about cats and dogs that have been abandoned by their “owners” or mistreated. Sometimes it is a random cruelty acts against an animal that was just passing or has nowhere else to go.

I just read today again about a case where a family moved house and left their two cats behind. Just left. The cats were crying outside the front door to get in but no one opened the door. A neighbour took pity on them and called an animal organisation to find them a home. I am sorry but what is wrong with people?!?

I would love to get my hands on these people and ask them a thing or two…: How can you justify getting an animal and then just leaving them? How can you look yourself and your children in the eyes and say that it was the right thing to do? Was it too much of a bother to go to a cat shelter or try to find them a home if you are unable to take care of them? Will you try to justify it by saying that ah well they will be fine…? They will not be fine. They are domestic animals. Not a wild animal used to living outside. Instead you condemned them to starvation, illness and death in the cold. Maybe that is what you should explain to your children and then try to justify why you could not be bothered.

My own cat has this very history. He was abandoned and left when his family moved house. Left to fend for himself which is something he would be unprepared for and unable to do in reality. A neighbour saw him every day trying to get inside, to a home that no longer existed. He was brought to the DSPCA in the end and after 5 months there I was lucky enough to find him. I have never had a more grateful cat.

People who kick dogs and cats, throw stones after them and do worse things should have the same treatment done to them. I am sorry but that is my opinion. If you cannot respect the life of an innocent animal, if you hurt an animal out of pure spite then you are not a person worthy of pity, regard or sympathy. People like these are what makes human nature ugly. For me this is just as evil as mistreating children and your fellow-man. If you can hurt an animal you’ve already shown that you have no compassion. You have shown what you are capable of and it is ugly.

Without the animal welfare organisation that are out there many more animals would suffer. They see the worst of it all but they still go on and they make a difference. I admire these persons – day in and day out they see animals suffer and day in and day out they help and carry on. They are worth every penny and all the help that they can get.

Thankfully I also know many regular persons who make a difference and help in their own way. They feed strays, help finding owners when needed, protect these furry companions from those with evil intent. I know people who would not necessarily want to have a dog or a cat but that still would help. They would not abide seeing an animal being made to suffer. They would interfere and they would act. Because they are just decent human beings.

This is something I had to write because I do feel very strongly about this. I am sick of hearing of animal abuse. Our society should be better than this.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandi

Internal battle

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I was perfectly fine this morning. Then one little thing in work was delayed (which let’s face it, really was not a big deal) and it felt like a nuclear explosion went off in my head. I wanted to rant and rage about it and just about caught myself and then I could hear my inner voice going “uh-oh!” …

Do you ever get that feeling when you mentally have to check yourself – as in rein yourself in? When your mind and your emotions are playing havoc? When you feel like you are having an internal battle between cool reason and utter insane instability?

Well, if you are a woman who suffers from PMS then you probably know what I am talking about.

Ugh, so yeah… today has been pretty awful. I kept reminding myself that this is just one of those days and I constantly had to make sure I did not actually act the way my at the moment overhyped and slightly off-balance mind reacted. Thank god I do not get like this every month.

Trying to explain it to someone who does not suffer from PMS (or a guy) is actually quite hard. It really is a constant internal struggle. Imagine all your worst characteristics and throw in some of the bad ones you (hopefully) discarded after your teenage years – take all of them and mush them together and then imagine these trying to literally take over and just act out.  Then to add to the misery – imagine that these emotions constantly swap places so that you do not know if you will be weepy, in a fury, paranoid or depressed from one minute to the next. Obviously all of this is happening inside of you and you still have to act like a normal human being, go to work, have a normal conversation with your colleagues and not alienate all your friends.

Came across these. Maybe that is the way forward. Sounds better anyway…

  • Weepy = emotional
  • Angry = determined
  • Paranoid = sensitive
  • Tactless  = refreshingly honest
  • Depressed = introspective

Am now at home, glad to be on my own. Pizza has been devoured. An early night wrapped up in my bed with a book will also help. And chocolate… lots of chocolate….


Working from home. Still in my PJ’s. Having a break from the usual rut and trying to post something but so far I have discarded 3 posts of utter crap! Ugh…

I end up writing a few sentences… I read it back and I cringe. It sounds contrived and really, really lame. I am trying to find a balance and to write something substantial but somehow it is not working out. This is giving me a headache.

One minute I want to write about how absolutely messed up my head feels. The next minute I want to write about how trust and respect is earned and oh so easily lost and seldom regained. Then I just want to rant. Or I just want to close my eyes and listen to music and shut the world out. I have reached a place where I do not even want to explain anymore. I fix. I sort, I do. Always something. I am sick of it. Bone tired. Does it even matter?

Still… I continue. I get up and get on with things. There are people around me that inspire and give support and that I trust and respect…. does that not make me rich really?  It cannot be bought, it cannot be forced – but when you have it and can share it… it is invaluable and I count myself truly lucky. 

… and on that note, I will close this short random talk.

The heating is on full blast. I am wearing a knitted jumper over a t-shirt over a vest and guess what… I am still cold! The culprits are those blasted vents over the windows. They are like an open shaft straight out letting the gale-force winds right into my apartment. Vents that you cannot close. Did no-one tell the builders, when they put these apartments up, that this is Ireland and not Spain? It gets cold and windy and oh and yes, COLD here!

Am not amused. I will not even start on how cold it was last night in my bedroom. I was wearing socks. At least my cats have nice, warm fluffy fur. They are not too fazed about all this.

I have a day off today as I really needed to get my car serviced before any snow shows up but I will also talk to my landlord to get things sorted. I do not care if I have to duct-tape every vent myself. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!


The second advent candle is lit aaaand here we go again… It is once again time to write those frustrating, easy-to-forget, I-have-no-idea-what-to-write, wonderful Christmas cards. Every year it is the same story when it comes to writing and sending Christmas cards, as you might remember from last years post. There are some cards that kind off have to be written (let’s face it, my parents do not really get the whole e-card thing) and so I sit here once again trying to come up with something clever, joyful and most of all unique to put into the cards and as usual I have Christmas card writer’s block. Sigh…

On a positive note I have actually remembered to buy cards this year. I have not waited until I receive the first card in the post and then run like a manic, possessed woman into the nearest card shop to grab the first pack of cards… and not realizing until I get home that I bought a pack boldly stating “For Santa’s Naughty Boy” with a picture less than suitable to send to my parents. Ugh… yeah.

On my second cup of coffee now and… oh crap(!!)… I just realized I forgot to get stamps! Wonder if I could sneak these cards into the work mail…. hmm maybe not.

Well posting cards is needless unless I actually come up with something to write in them. Think I might brew another few cups of coffee – have I ever mentioned that one of the best buys I have ever made is my Gaggia espresso machine? I could probably write paragraphs about that but let’s not digress.

OK, time to stop ranting nonsense here and actually put pen to paper (or pen to card, if you are going to be picky about it).


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I have always been a tomboy, from the very beginning. Climbing trees and hanging after my big brother. The only time my Mum got me to wear a dress was under severe threat… as in “Santa will not come” (yep, that worked once a year). Other than that she gave up. My Dad was just as happy showing me how to make a bow and arrow or a slingshot.

Let’s face it, I am much more comfortable in a DIY shop than in a fabric and home economic shop (in fact they freak me out). Did I ever mention that I cannot sew for my life? Thankfully I can cook (or at least follow a recipe) and I actually enjoy cooking most times. As I really cannot just live of sugar-snap beans and cheese (even though I try….).

Being a tomboy is grand as a kid but when you become a bit older it is sometimes seen as a bit strange. As it is, girls should act in a certain way. Dress in a certain way. We should like handbags and gush over those stilettos. This is reiterated over and over again in every magazine, in most movies and books out there. If you are not like this then you are obviously strange or gay… or both… which is absolutely stupid. First of all, I have met enough very feminine lesbians to know that, that stereotype is a load of bull. Secondly, why should you be seen as odd just because high heels are of no interest to you?

Now personally, I have been lucky as in my friends take me for whom I am. Most of my female friends love to dress up and do gush over those shoes and that is perfectly fine. I am happiest in a pair of jeans and a top with a pair of runners or boots. Yes, I do actually own a dress or two and even some heels even though these seldom get aired.

I do however every so often get comments from people seeing that I do not dress or act very “girly”. Sometimes a small insecure voice echoes inside and asks  “are you really normal?”. So the question does pop up… my answer to that today is: Yes I bloody well am, just as “normal” as the next person.

I guess that what I am trying to say is that I am sick of always seeing the same image of how one should look, act and behave shoved down my throat. If you love dresses, heels, handbags and dressing up then; great. If you like jeans, t-shirts and boots then this should also be great. If you want to be able to mix as you feel like it then again; great. We are always hearing about how important individualism is but in reality… sigh.

OK, now I have no idea why this post took this particular direction. Maybe it was something someone said or maybe something I read but there you are. So as I sit here, sipping my coffee and yawning tiredly, I see my reflection in the glass door of the cabinet. My hair is sticking out in all directions and my eyelids are heavy. My hair has a different color, yet again. It is a little bit shorter than the last time as well (my hairdresser had free hands). It is messy, as always.

Just the way I like it. Just the way I like my life – sticking out in all directions, relaxed and with coffee in my hand. So no more rants from this end today. Maybe just another cup of coffee.

Rapture Ready!

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The world will end, starting from today… or so some claim anyway. So what to make out of that? Do I believe that this is the end of mankind and that the righteous will ascend to heaven and the wicked (most of humanity it seems) will suffer for eternity? Ehhh… no I do not believe so.

Anyone is entitled to their beliefs and this should be respected. I truly believe in the freedom of religion. However, when the belief turns into an excuse to treat others badly then I will draw the line.

I grew up in a small community where religion played a large part. In a small town of barely 2000 inhabitants, we had 5 different christian churches. My family was not part of any church and we most certainly were in minority. In general people around us respected the choices of my parents. Just as my parents respected their beliefs. My father knew that he could not borrow any tools on a Sunday as it was a day of rest for most of our neighbors. Once Monday came our neighbors gladly helped out. It was about respecting your fellow-man and neighbor. Is this not what is at the core of most the established religions? To treat your fellow-man well?

I do believe that mankind is very good at creating suffering as it is. I mean… just look at the world today with wars, genocides, starvation, exploitations and so forth. We should be far more concerned about our human tendency to treat others with so little regard and compassion. Condemning another person because they do not believe in a certain religious ideology will not give you a free card to heaven.

As I do not “subscribe” to any religion that is out there – this means, in some people’s view, that I am a lost cause and half-way to hell. Well I’ll tell you what… being a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist etc etc does not automatically make you a good person. It is what you actually do with this life that defines you. It is in this life that you make choices that affect others around you on a day to day basis and with others I mean everyone regardless of their beliefs.

It really riles me up when someone has the gall to dismiss me as unworthy just because I do not attend church 5 times a week. I have met enough people who faithfully go to church, that can cite scripture but who would not support another person in need just because they do not share the same religious beliefs. I have seen a former acquaintance dropping a friend after many years of friendship just because the other entered into a relationship with someone of the same sex. A friend cast aside just because she fell in love with another woman. Others are judged and condemned for various other reasons… too many to list.

What ever happened with “love thy neighbor” and decent human compassion?

I do not claim to be perfect or claim that I’m always a good person. I do my best and sometimes I fail. Maybe I should be more understanding and turn the other cheek but I just can’t. Things like this piss me off. I think it is plain stupid.

There are many good persons out there, from all belief systems, and in the end of the day… that is all that should matter.

So I guess we’ll find out if this whole “rapture” thing will happen or not. If it does and if it means that heaven will be filled with all these doomsayers and fundamentalists…well, then I rather join the rest of my friends downstairs.

Or as they say in Ireland:

“In life, there are only two things to worry about… Either you are well or you are sick. If you are well, there is nothing to worry about, But if you are sick, there are only two things to worry about… Either you will get well or you will die. If you get well, there is nothing to worry about,

But if you die, there are only two things to worry about… Either you will go to heaven or hell. If you go to heaven, there is nothing to worry about.

And if you go to hell, you’ll be so busy shaking hands with all your friends… You won’t have time to worry!”

The gym to the rescue

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Anger. That is what I have felt today. I cannot pinpoint the exact trigger or moment it hit me but when it did it was with a vengeance.

I needed to release some steam, some serious steam. Arguing did not sound like a tempting option as it is too mentally exhausting on top of everything so instead I decided for the much safer (for everyone else) option of going to my local gym. I was fuming when I drove there, the guy tailgating would have died if looks could kill. I was snappy with the poor girl in the gym reception when she told that they could not see my renewal on the computer due to some error. Talk about bad timing. I do feel quite bad about that… I normally never behave that way.

I finally got changed and almost ran up the stairs. Music blasting and I hit the treadmill, the cross-trainer and the weights.  For over an hour my brain shut down. No thoughts, nothing. Just legs and arms moving. Muscles contracting and releasing. Heaven.

Legs shaking when stretching reminded me that I need to go more often. I have a feeling I will spend quite a few evenings in there. Have thought about mornings but am hesitating as I am no morning person at all really but we’ll see. They do have early morning spinning sessions…

How do I feel now? A bit better. Exhausted.

I just need to share this with you… a subject that is sad, upsetting, scary and terrible. I am talking about sexual assaults and how it is often ignored, swept under the carpet and ridiculed.

There are so many women (and men) out there that have been raped, assaulted and traumatized. Only a small group of them have talked to the authorities about this and of that group…only a fraction got some kind of justice. It is outrageous.

Below I am sharing another post of a fellow blogger (highly recommended blog) where you can find several links to other (much more eloquent than mine) post with links to some seriously scary statistics, facts and heartbreaking stories.

This is not something we can shut our eyes or ears to. This is not something we can ignore just because it is the holidays season or because it is uncomfortable. It is amongst us, amongst our friends and we must always stand up against it.

Christmas cards with angels, scandinavian “nis...

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Ugghhh it is that time of year again. Time to write Christmas cards en masse. Every year it is the same story, I buy the cards and might even remember to buy stamps (if I am very lucky) and then I forget to put pen to paper (well, card). Until… the first texts start dropping in asking for my address and it hits me that it can only mean that someone is busy getting those cards sorted and it also means that I really need to send one to them as well. I know…it is that whole guilt trip thing. Then I forget again…and then the first cards drop into the letterbox…arrgghhh!

So here I am. Sitting down, have dedicated time to write these damn Christmas cards and what happens? I can’t think of anything witty or half-way intelligent to write at all…. if I write “Merry Xmas and happy new year, hope you’ll have a good one” again I do not know what I will do. How fun is that to read in a card… so instead I am blogging (read: whining) about my lack of inspiration.


OK, will now make an effort and get these cards done BEFORE Christmas actually arrives. Let’s hope the postman doesn’t get stuck anywhere…