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I just need to share this with you… a subject that is sad, upsetting, scary and terrible. I am talking about sexual assaults and how it is often ignored, swept under the carpet and ridiculed.

There are so many women (and men) out there that have been raped, assaulted and traumatized. Only a small group of them have talked to the authorities about this and of that group…only a fraction got some kind of justice. It is outrageous.

Below I am sharing another post of a fellow blogger (highly recommended blog) where you can find several links to other (much more eloquent than mine) post with links to some seriously scary statistics, facts and heartbreaking stories.

This is not something we can shut our eyes or ears to. This is not something we can ignore just because it is the holidays season or because it is uncomfortable. It is amongst us, amongst our friends and we must always stand up against it.