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Attention! Attention!

This is a call out for a joint venture that I have the privilege of taking part in. A new blog is born. It is a joint blog project by myself and the exceedingly witty and fabulous Christy from Cat Fur To Make Kitten Britches.

It is two girls, one blog, 3703 miles. One in Dublin and one in the suburbs of Chicago. Spanning a distance of 3703 miles, divided by the great pond.

We have just started so who knows how this thing will play out but that is just the idea behind it… to play and to see where it takes us. To examine our lives on two separate continents, have fun writing and share that with others. The whole structure and posting schedule (if any) has yet to be defined so bear with us a little.

In the meantime, please feel free to pop on over and have a read. The very first posts are now up!

Living 3703

Cover of "Poltergeist (25th Anniversary E...

Cover of Poltergeist (25th Anniversary Edition)

I look outside and all I can see is a misty light coming from the streetlights. The fog is so thick you cannot see further than a few meters ahead. Every light has that soft spooky glow that reminds me of old scary movies (yuk!) or stories about witches flying unseen through the dark night (yay!).

I never have been a fan of scary movies, always avoided them as much as I can. I think it started with me watching Poltergeist when I was way too young. You know the story… friends brother gets the movie and lets the kids watch it…. I was terrified of that old geezer in the movie. Still am… I know…it’s sad but true.

I was however always fond of a good story and fairytales. I can read the scariest books, hear the most frightening stories and that doesn’t bother me at all. I find it fascinating and am glued to the tale every second. I loooove a good book with a good story, even a really scary one.

Just do not make me watch it in a movie. Not sure why… I think it is the sounds and the music. My mum went through a phase when she loved scary movies…which meant that whenever we rented a video (yes I am that old) a scary movie was picked as well. Of course I would watch it (aren’t I a sucker for punishment…) and by “watching” it I mean hovering behind a pillow while shoving my fingers into my ears ever so often.

I am not allowed to sit next to anyone when watching something scary either… as I have a tendency to jump at every sound and grab hold of the person next to me… which is not all that appreciated. Very inconsiderate of them don’t you think?!

So I will just look out and think of some spellbinding fairytales. No scary movies for me anymore and you know what… that is totally fine with me.

It is once again Sunday evening and soon time for bed. Tomorrow I will go to work for the first time in a week but right now that world is tucked away in a far away corner of my mind.

I am sitting in the sofa looking at my two cats who are cuddled up next to each other sleeping. I have a feel-good book in my hand and mellow music playing in the background. And I smile.

This is what Sunday evenings should be like; relaxing, quiet and making you smile. It doesn’t get much better than this on the chill-out scale.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday evening. Here is one of my favorite chill-out songs.

I have always been fond of comic books, ever since I was a little kid. Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, Lucky Luke, The Phantom, Beetle Bailey and many more. I read them all, over and over. There was however one comic that I loved the most and that was Modesty Blaise.

I discovered Modesty Blaise and her faithful companion Willie Garvin when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I became totally engrossed in the their adventures. I bought all the comics, read them over and over again. Later on I also bought the books that the author Peter O’Donnell wrote about them.

Today you can find quite a few books and films with strong female leads but 20 years ago there was not many books, films or comics out there with a cool, independent female lead. Maybe that is why I loved it so much. I admired the guts and tenacity of the characters and I secretly wanted to become an international jewel thief. Hmmmmm… needless to say I didn’t pursue that career. What I did take with me was that women could be just as cool as any guys, that there were no gender differences when it came to do whatever you wanted in life. Modesty Blaise was beautiful, stuck to her principles, kicked ass, was intelligent and took no shit.

I didn’t think about it then but I somehow think that in many ways she became a role model or at least a guide for me. It does sound a bit weird to say that about a fictional character but there it is. What more can I say, except that I still read the comics and the books and I still enjoy them.


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When I left my apartment this morning , all the cars were covered in frost. It is now officially autumn. Time to find that ice scraper buried somewhere in the glove compartment in the car. Time to dig out the boots, jumpers and warmer jackets.

It is colourful and beautiful outside. The air was crisp and fresh this morning. The sun is shining outside now and casting a golden light into the windows in the office. I used to dislike autumn saying it is just rainy, windy and miserable but I am enjoying it more and more. Even when it does get rainy and windy I seem to find it cosy instead. Perfect for staying in with a good book or good film.

Do not get me wrong, I am not constantly going around thinking all is great and beautiful… I am just trying to teach myself to notice the nice things around me, so that I do not focus on the less great things I experience. Especially today as I do not feel very great or beautiful at the moment… sitting in the office working late once again, coughing as I cannot seem to shake this cold and feeling very tired.

Well, it is almost time to go home. I will enjoy the drive home, I think. Good thing I brought the sunglasses.

Happy autumn!


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Well, I am back in Dublin again and it feels really good. This week away was not exactly what I needed at the moment. It was a bit stressful, hectic, intense and at times even an awkward work week. Meeting new people who were not overly thrilled to meet me, repeating the same message about the new process I represent and how it will work out well again and again and then collapsing on the hotel bed once my brain was stalled, was not how I would describe a great week. But then, it was necessary and I believe it was worth it as this will make the work relationship better in the future.

So here I am sitting right now tired but happy to be home. I do have a head cold as well which I picked up while I was away but considering the amount of Echinacea I put into me it will hopefully fade a way in a few days. I am looking forward to a calm weekend and a normal working week ahead. I will need it to recharge my batteries before it is time for a mad weekend away with the girls. Now that I look forward to! 🙂

For now it is time for some downtime. Some music in the background, a good book to read, a cat in my lap and a cup of tea next to me.

Have a nice weekend!

A nice cup of tea (and a sit down). A Denby te...

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I am sitting down having a cup of tea as I type this. I have no specific topic in mind in this particular moment. I just picked up the laptop and started typing away. There is no intention behind it and no red thread thought out. I can not tell you what I will blog about as this is something that will evolve as I type this post. All I know is that I woke up this morning and felt angry and frustrated and I had many topics, well rants really, in mind that I though I would store away until later when I would have some time to sit down and blog.

As it is now, I do not feel angry anymore nor do I want to rant about those things that were upsetting me. Maybe I will pick up those topics on another day and dissect them in a different post. Who knows.

Earlier today I went to the club/dojo to train. Sparring techniques was on the agenda. Initially I felt split about going today; on one hand I thought that it would be an excellent way to vent all that pent-up frustration in a controlled yet physically demanding exercise. Yet on the other hand I almost felt that I was in such a lousy mood that I should stay away from other humans. Either way I did go to the club. We went through a lot of striking techniques and how to apply these both in a traditional sense and in a “real life” situation. It was all from striking pads to pairing up two and two and try them out. It was demanding but good. There was a full on sparring session at the end but I could unfortunately not take part as I have the laser eye surgery next week (which I have mentioned in a previous post) so I wanted to be a bit careful as a black eye really would not be good right now.

I did make the right decision by going to the Bujinkan training today. I realize this as I am sitting here sipping my tea. I feel relaxed where I previously felt tense, I am smiling where I previously was scowling and I am no longer angry or feel the need to spew out frustrated rants all over the place. I rather have a cup of tea and just type away feeling good about myself, about the world around me and the fact that I can blog away to my hearts content even if no-one will read this.

So it seems like this post is about Bujinkan training, the release of tension, blogging and drinking tea. I just might have another cup now.

Staying awake most of the night just because I can’t put a book down – that is something that I have done countless times.

That feeling of becoming totally absorbed in a good story is something that I discovered at an early age. My parents read fairy tales to me from as long as I recall and I remember being impatient when it wasn’t told fast enough or for a long enough time. I wanted more. Once I learned how to read, then there was no end to it. I was at the school library as often as I could. I learned to read as fast as I could as I wanted to know what would happen in the story.  I would spend hours reading in bed, long after I was supposed to be asleep, as there was no way that I could go to sleep not knowing what would happen.

This is something that has continued throughout my life. I still get a great thrill from reading a new book and discovering that it is really good. The search for a good read can sometimes be frustrating. There are so many books out there and there is always a risk that you will be disappointed. Unless you strictly stick to one category that you know that you like, you will have to go by trial and error. It really is a very disappointing moment when you realize that the book that you are reading doesn’t do it for you. When you want to put it down, never to pick it up again.

I read a bit of everything and I like a bit of everything. Depending on my mood; I read romances, chick lit, adventure, drama, humor, horror, suspense, fantasy, comic books and through in a few biographies and fact-based books as well. The compelling event for me is if the story grips me, urges me to stay and read on.

There is something about how a good book can get you so drawn into the story and I will be forever grateful that there are authors out there that have this fantastic gift of writing these compelling tales. There are few things as satisfying as finding a book that pulls you into the story and keeps you there. Where you see everything in front of you, hear every sounds described and feel every emotion intended. It is magic.

Now where did I put that book again…?