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This Easter weekend was great. I spend it with a friend, going to the west coast of Ireland. Staying in a lovely B&B in Salthill, within walking distance of Galway.

Getting away from Dublin was so nice. Sometimes it is exactly what is needed. The scenery on the west coast is fantastic, even though the roads were often so narrow that there was no place to stop and take a picture. A useful advice to visitors… don’t get a big car when visiting. Trust me.

Galway is a really nice city with nice restaurants, cosy streets and a good nightlife without the sleaze factor. It is not a big city at all, all is within walking distance. Perfect.

The days were spend driving around Connemara and enjoying the views. I clocked over 500 miles in the car and could probably done much more if we had a few more days. One thing to keep in mind though is that the maps and sign postings not necessarily always concur… I still cannot explain how following one road (the only road!) to lead us south ended up with us going north-west on the wrong side of the lake… It is a mystery to stay unsolved as we could not find any logical reason to what happened. It was a good laugh though so who cares really.

Oh and one important thing to remember… forget mobile phone coverage or an internet connection when out and about in Connemara. “No service” was a frequent message on my phone. It took some getting used to but after a while it was strangely relaxing (yes, I know how desperate this sounds…).

I did manage to take a few pictures this weekend.

Kylemore Abbey. A home for the Henry family and later for nuns from the Benedictine Order and it also used to be a girls boarding school… can you imagine going to school there? It was really in the middle of no-where. No sneaking out there…

The mist never quite lifted.

Killary Fjord. Ireland’s only fjord.


The Cliffs of Moher. It was windy, chilly and drizzling with rain… as usual when visiting the cliffs.


The weekend just flew. I wish I could have had a few more days. I loved it!

Happy Easter!