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Never Talk Back To Mother Nature

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As I sit here at the table I see the clouds racing across the sky. I glimpse blue sky and sunlight breaks through on my balcony. I see a large tree showcasing bright green spring leaves. I see my cats snoozing in the bright light. I see children playing.

How we look at the world is how we live our lives. There are days when I look out and all I can see are the storm clouds. When my focus is on how miserable things are. Those are the bad days. Luckily I do not have too many of those. I realized I do not want to live my life in that way. I do not like the person I am then.

Yes, bad things happen. There are times when it is out of our control. When in spite of all our best intentions the dark clouds roll in. All we can to then is to let it run its course. Acknowledge the pain, the misery, the darkness and wait it out because the sun will shine again. We might not see it or even believe it but there never is darkness without light.

In our everyday life we have a choice. A choice on how we look at the world around us. We can look at the racing storm clouds and only see the darkness or we can see the beauty of Mother Nature. I choose to see the smiling faces amongst the frowns. I cannot control everything in my life and nor do I want to but I can choose on what I want to focus on.

As I sit here at the table I see sunlight. I see the amazing beauty of spring. I see happiness. I see hope eternal.

What do you see?


Posted: March 30, 2011 in Life changes
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I open my eyes.

Gentle rain has passed. The scent of damp earth lingers. Rays of sun break through and warm my face.

I breathe in.

The wind whispers of new beginnings. Life is ready to bursts forth all around. The air is filled with hope.

I smile.


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When I left my apartment this morning , all the cars were covered in frost. It is now officially autumn. Time to find that ice scraper buried somewhere in the glove compartment in the car. Time to dig out the boots, jumpers and warmer jackets.

It is colourful and beautiful outside. The air was crisp and fresh this morning. The sun is shining outside now and casting a golden light into the windows in the office. I used to dislike autumn saying it is just rainy, windy and miserable but I am enjoying it more and more. Even when it does get rainy and windy I seem to find it cosy instead. Perfect for staying in with a good book or good film.

Do not get me wrong, I am not constantly going around thinking all is great and beautiful… I am just trying to teach myself to notice the nice things around me, so that I do not focus on the less great things I experience. Especially today as I do not feel very great or beautiful at the moment… sitting in the office working late once again, coughing as I cannot seem to shake this cold and feeling very tired.

Well, it is almost time to go home. I will enjoy the drive home, I think. Good thing I brought the sunglasses.

Happy autumn!