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I feel shattered… just have some minuscule energy left today…just enough to moan a bit in the blog and then drag myself to bed. This has been an extremely busy week in work, 11 hour days… which I normally can deal with but not this week. Didn’t realize having a chest infection would take that much out of me. Que….pouting “feeling sorry for myself” look.

Of course I haven’t been to the doctor…not me… only go when I am dying or in need of a doctor’s note. Stubborn..yes, that’s me. Found some antibiotics in the medicine cupboard, hmmm… believe I got them about a year and a half ago when I had the flu… but alas, they are out of date..took one anyway… not such a great decision. Ended up having stomach pains. Effing eejiit sounds like a good way to describe what I told myself. The pharmacist basically confirmed that could happen. Sigh.

One more day to go and then it is the weekend. Thank heaven for that. I intend to sleep and then sleep some more and then maybe buy some nice food and have a really nice meal. Am sick of quick sandwiches or salads in front of PC in work. Next week should be much better.

Oh god…definitely time to go to bed…they are actually playing a Xmas song on the radio right now…if that doesn’t get you to run for cover then I do not know what. Need to stop moaning now. Happy upcoming weekend thoughts!