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I have stated before that I am slightly addicted to social networking, especially to Facebook. I realised today again that the world is so much smaller these days when you can reach your friends and have “group-conversations” with people in all different places. It feels like your friends are actually there. Considering that people move around a lot more these days, find work in different places, different countries, even different continents it makes it harder to stay in touch.

I am (unfortunately) old enough to remember the times before everyone had emails or internet and my friends and I used to write letter (snail mail) to each other. It was always a great feeling when a letter arrived in the post. I still treasure those letters. As I am no great writer of letters… it also meant that it was a lot easier to drift apart and all the sudden you didn’t have much in common with your friends and when you met up it sometimes was a bit of a struggle to continue where you left up.

I am still no great writer of emails etc but at least it is so much easier to stay in touch and have some laughs with friends that are away now. Nothing beats meeting up in reality but until we do again… there are always many virtual laughs to be had.

See you soon guys! 🙂