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It is a busy week at the moment but sometimes you just need to disconnect from work and everything and just let your inner child roam free…which is exactly what I did the other evening. It was snowing like mad once again in Dublin…

Snow ball fights were a given in the evening… I lost, as is plain to see.

Myself, my partner and a friend that stayed over (as the heavy snowfall prevented him from going home) ventured out in the snow and build a snow ninja… this piece of art was erected, immortalized on picture and then met an untimely death at the hands of some particular bad swordsmanship… 🙂

Yeah…we had fun! The neighbors are probably convinced now that we are totally mad…but you know what… it was worth it!


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So I want to go on a snowboarding holiday…as i have already pointed out in previous posts. I still haven’t booked anything as several things have not been established yet i.e. destination, costs and travel companion(s). I like to plan things as this is how I tick but I have not been able to do so in this regard as there has been a few things fluctuating, mainly funds and my dear partner making up his mind if he will join or not. Procrastination until I scream with frustration. Have I ever pointed out that I am not a very patient person?

Either way, I will hopefully have an answer next week. Now… we will either go somewhere together or I will go off snowboarding on my own. Never done that before…going on a winter holiday on my own that is. I do believe that a winter holiday comes down to, the more the merrier.

Now to the important part of this post. Where to go? Any tips for an enthusiastic but not very experienced (read: tends to fall a lot) snowboarder? I am in Europe so the Alps are pretty high on the list but am open for any suggestions (not Aspen etc though as I do not think my funds stretch that far…). Anyone who would like to join.. beginning Feb..?

Come on people, help me out here! 🙂

Mulled wine in one hand… hot chocolate with rum in the other… what to choose? Ahhh whom am I kidding, I’ll have both! Just the other day I was thinking of booking a snowboarding holiday and now Dublin is covered in white fluffy snow. Unfortunately there are no proper mountains here hence nowhere to fall down trying to board. Cos let me be honest here… I am not very good at snowboarding but I do love it.

The last few winter holidays I have spent more time eating snow than actually zooming down the slopes but I am not easily scared off. There was a time when I was younger where falling in front of all the cool boarders and skiers would be the height of embarrassment and I would have hidden somewhere. Now that I over 30… I have just realized that I already have wasted too many years not daring to do things in case I make a fool out of myself (note that is not only in regards to falling in snow…). I sometimes look back, not even talking that many years here, and I wish I could give my younger self a good clip over the head. Hindsight is a great thing… eh…not.

Ah well…sod it. It won’t change anything and there is only one way to go and that is forward. Will book that holiday very soon, will hopefully fall a bit less this time and look more like I know what I am doing. Even if I don’t, I will have tremendous fun.

Right now I will have some pizza and some hot chocolate and watch the snow fall outside. All that is missing is the open fireplace.

Snow ball fight!

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I woke up this morning and heard kids screaming and laughing outside. I didn’t think much of it and pottered around getting ready. After a while A asked me if I had looked outside at all…at which I did and saw that it was all white outside!! It has snowed!! Yay! Apparently we had a massive thunderstorm this morning and it snowed like mad. I completely missed it… am a bit gutted about it actually as I love thunderstorms. Now the sun was shining and it looked beautiful outside.

Of course I forgot to take a picture this morning, when it was still pristine and totally covered in white snow outside but I did take a few this afternoon. It has melted a bit in the sun but I heard that we might get some more snow during the night.

I have lived in Dublin for almost 11 years and it has never snowed this early before. This is fun! My Swedish self is rejoicing tremendously! Snow ball fight!!