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UVA protection logo on sunscreens (European Union)

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It is now late afternoon and I have spent most of today outside. A nice walk and several hours lounging in a sun-chair on my balcony. I am good at lounging, excellent even. It is still about 26 degrees C inside my apartment and my cats are in a permanent cat nap position. Very similar to myself.

Getting out of the shower I noticed that I once again have acquired a patchy sun tan. It seems that I am forever doomed to have a mismatch of red and brown nuances covering my body.  Tell me… how do people get a decent covering tan? Don’t tell me it is all fake. Yes, it is a first world problem but really… stripy is not an all that fetching look. Covering myself in sun factor 1000 50 is no option either. It might be “better” for my skin but let’s face it – I do not look good being pale. It makes me look sickly, and living in Ireland makes sense because… Since I tan easily it is just too much work and I love being out and about in the sun.

I am now sporting a lovely red back. I was thinking that I really need to teach my cat how to apply sun lotion… yeah, yeah I know that is a really stupid thought to have. Still though… If my cat would be able to apply sun lotion then I would also get totally covered in cat hair because he is shedding like there is no tomorrow. The thought of being covered in cat hair is not appealing but at the same time… I wonder what sunscreen factor that would be equal to? Wonder if anyone was ever bored enough to research that.

Yep, have been in the sun too long (at least that I my excuse). Think I will follow suit with the rest of the household and have a nap… again.