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Yesterday I decided to go into town and have a chat to a tattoo artist about the design I have thought about. After wandering the streets of Dublin for a little while we finally found the place, Tattoo Prime on South William Street. My partner A kindly agreed to come with me. It was a basement studio and it was pretty quiet when we arrived at about 14:00. I met the artist that was in at the time, a nice guy called Kursat. He had a look at the pictures that I had brought of designs I liked. We talked about the different designs and what ideas I had and if it would be possible etc, which meant that I would not look too much like a total eejiit hopefully… He then took a few minutes and drew the design on paper.

I was very happy with what he came up with. He then asked me if I wanted to have it done straight away. I was a bit surprised as I didn’t count on getting it done so soon, but why not! So there I then sat for approximately 3.5 hours. It’s a good thing that A was with me so that he could supply coffee during this time. My bum started to fall sleep after a few hours… I was kind of sitting a bit funny in order to be able to angle my leg the easiest.

After all was finished, I was very happy with the results and had a good few laughs with the guys in the studio. A and myself ended up famished in our favourite Japanese restaurant Yamamori Sushi, stuffing ourselves on great food. What a day.

So here I am now sitting with clingfilm around my leg every once in a while for the first few days. I felt a bit stupid in work when I had to go to the bathroom to wash the tattoo and then having to pull my left trouser leg up so that the tattoo got aired a while. It must have been some sight walking around the office with one trousers leg pulled up to the knee. After a while I had to put some tattoo goo on it again and re-wrap myself in clingfilm…and yes, I brought clingfilm to the office…

And the result? I am very happy with it! It will take a while to heal but it was definitely worth it.

Not the best photos in the world, using my phone… will try to take better pics once all is healed and then actually using my camera.

Illustration depicting thought.

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I was having a prolonged breakfast in work today with one of my colleagues (a truly fab person!) today and for some reason we briefly talked about blog post topics, probably cos she is one of the few that read my blog… thank you, thank you!! Anyhow, she suggested that I blog about the people I see everyday, i.e. my colleagues, in a very anonymous fashion obviously. I am still thinking about as I am not sure if my observations will be appreciated or not. Not that I have anything bad to say about anyone really but there is always some who would feel a bit slighted. I am pretty good at putting my foot in it and with my luck I would manage to do it to someone who for some obscure reason would read my post out of the blue. I have to mull the idea over a bit more.

Then when I got home I was reading some blogs that I follow, namely “Alone… with cats” and “Cat fur to make kitten britches” and they both had posts about family members. Great posts at that, highly recommended funny reads! It got me thinking about post topics and the fact that I have a quite eccentric family. There is probably a multitude of posts that could be written about my family and experiences from growing up in a loud, passionate German family in a small religious town in quiet part of Sweden. Being my family they at least know all of my quirks and know that when I come out with a particular odd sentence that it is totally by accident. They are all loud, shameless, mad and funny people. Though when I was growing up I was convinced that my parents were the most embarrassing parents in the world and that I had been mixed up at the maternity hospital as a baby. I love them all and wish I could see them more often but such is life. So there might be a few posts about them in the pipeline. You have been warned.

The tattoo that I have been thinking of getting will most likely be done soon. I have been in touch with a tattoo studio with my ideas and might pop in there this weekend, if I can. The artist, whose studio it is, is very good but he is unfortunately booked up until hell freezes over (slight exaggeration here) but he has 3 other artists that he has full confidence in…or so he says. Am a bit nervous about getting this tattoo which really is silly as I already have two small ones but it is probably because this one is more important to me and because I have actually put some thought into the design. I just want to makes sure it turns out well and not looking like some horrid cliché. There will be pics posted here, once I have finalized the design and it is actually inked in.

Just finished a lovely soup and salad for dinner which means I now have to clean both the laptop screen and wash my jumper… this tends to happen when a cherry tomato falls like a V-2 bomb back onto the plate making a splash landing in the dressing. Time for some cleaning.


Life Changing

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It is Saturday morning and I am about to have some breakfast. Am sitting here waiting for my partner to finally exit the shower…why is it that men seem to take a lot longer in the bathroom than women? Sigh.

In the meantime I am trying to sort through the million thoughts that are falling through my mind. I always have much going on in my head but not always the time to actually mull on them and mentally sift thoughts through my fingers.

In the last two years much has happened that has triggered a whole new lot of conscious thoughts. Or maybe they always have been there but I’ve never let them surface. Some days I wake up and feel exactly like the same person as I was 10 years ago. Other days I wake up and feel like a totally different person from whom I was just a few years ago. There are times when I embrace changes in my life with open arms and look upon the path ahead with a big smile.When I cannot wait to go out to discover what new exciting experiences these changes entail.

Then there are moments when life seems to come to a standstill as I try to understand and come to terms with a new realization about myself. Certain realizations do scare the hell out of me and the temptation to just push them away is very strong. Maybe one day I will have the courage to dissect them in this blog and even fully embrace them as a part of whom I am but for the time being they will stay on the sideline, being apprehensively evaluated. Maintaining a balance in life can be challenging at times. When you feel that you do not know whether you are coming or going or just want to run away as fast as you can.

As humans we always evolve, in the longer perspective hopefully as a species and on a shorter term as individuals. I am just hoping that I will find a balance so that I can merge the old, comfortable parts that are the essence of me with the newly found/discovered traits that will hopefully complement me. Note that I say complement and not complete me, as I have a funny feeling that we will always evolve and the day when we hopefully feel complete is the day we pass away… only to enter a whole new realm of possibilities, or whatever you chose to believe in.

Well, now it is time for breakfast. Then on to some minor changes on the schedule… time to visit the hairdresser and then doing some research on tattoo artists for that tattoo I have thought about for some time.

Have a good weekend!