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Fear is truly a terrible thing. It can rule your life with an iron fist. Tyrants of all kinds have always used fear to get their way. Making you look over your shoulder both physically as well as mentally. Fear will stop you from living freely and it will always be in the back of your mind.

It will however never be as crippling as the fear of fear itself. This fear has no reason, no direction and no named enemy. It is illusive. It will stop you from even looking over your shoulder. It will stop you from living as opposed to just existing and it will rule your mind harder than any tyrant ever could.

The fear of being afraid to find out what others really think of you. The fear of doing something that could potentially scare you. It is the fear of being afraid to fail before you even tried. It is the fear that plays on your every insecurity. Every crippling thought that has ever stopped you. Made your stomach twist with worry without knowing why. Made you cry with despair for no reason.

This is what will stop you from walking before you’ve even taken the first step. Long before you take the plunge.

They say: Those who dare, win.
I say: Start walking and you have already won.