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Mount Zen II

Image by adesigna via Flickr

Another long day getting towards its end. It is almost 21.00 again. I can’t believe how fast the days are going at the moment. I do not seem to have time to think half the time…ehh well, not completely true as I am blogging ..but you know what I mean.

Work is taking up a very large chunk of my time these days and those who know me also know that this is not something that I am known for. I am no workaholic, never have been. I have never had a need to prove something by putting down a ridiculous amount of hours in the office. However at the moment the work load is a bit off the charts. There is a never-ending steam of emails, IM’s and requests. I spend a lot of time in front of my PC cursing and giving out to people who have just emailed me..especially when it entails really stupid questions. Don’t get me wrong…I am very good at asking stupid questions, which my dear and extremely helpful colleagues, probably hate with a passion but they are all too nice to say so to me. I am however not as nice…at least not in front of my screen. I am also extremely glad we do not have a swear box in the office as I would be very poor indeed. The best discovery so far…the “Do not disturb” setting on our IM. Ahhh bliss!

Either way, being very busy in work means longer hours spent in the office and less time at home. This means less time talking to friends or even just spending it watching a film together with my partner. All the sudden it is really late and I just have to go to bed, cos trust me… I need my sleep. I am the most cranky person ever with too little sleep. It’s things like that and all those other small acts like meeting up with people, sorting out all those small but fun to do whatnot’s at home, playing a silly Xbox game or browsing the internet for a nice holiday… those are the things I have very little time to do at the moment. I need more hours in the day or at least find a way to better balance my work load I think. Never really had this problem before as I am pretty organized so it does bug me. Any tips out there?