Posted: November 28, 2010 in Family, Life, Reflections
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The sky outside is slowly darkening and the snow-covered ground is taking on a beautiful blue colour. It is quiet outside. No cars passing by. Everyone has gone inside.

Today I am homesick.

I do not get like this very often, especially cos I know that often it is so easy to remember everything at home covered with a rosy shimmer. Only remembering the best parts. Focusing on how good it is when I go home on holidays. Realizing that reality seldom is the same as holidays.

Today I am homesick.

I have just compiled a few DVD’s with pictures from the big party we had for my mum this summer at her 70th birthday. Pictures and movie clips filled with laughter and joy.

I close my eyes. I can hear the laughter, the singing and the chatter. I can still smell the evening air…  the air is filled with the scent of fir trees, sun warmed grass and barbecues. I can see the forest at the edge of the fields, the sun setting over the trees and the smiles on the faces of my family.

I am happy where I am today. I have good friends both near and far. I love my life here. But today… I am homesick.




  1. : (

    ((hug)) Hope you feel better soon….

    Maybe it’s the snow, reminding you of home?

  2. Ivy Blaise says:

    Thanks. I think it is just the fact that it is getting towards Christmas and stuff and it is getting wintry and nice here. I don’t normally suffer much from homesickness, just sometimes.

    Will stop being so gloomy now…otherwise people will think I have lost the plot totally. 🙂

  3. Know that feeling, when suddenly you feel you were back home. When I feel like this, I leaf through the albums and laugh at the good times. Hot cup of coffee…nah make it an Irish latte with lots and lots of cuddles for you 🙂

  4. nikki04 says:

    Isn’t funny how homesickness and nostalgia creep up on you? Sometimes you’re not surprised (e.g. really sick and/or stressed) and sometimes they show up out of nowhere! I’ve often wondered how we turn our memories into simply happiness without the sting of nostalgia that comes with them…

    Regardless – Irish lattes sound like a fantastic remedy!

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