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Sometimes it is too easy to focus on all that is annoying and frustrating out there. When you look and all you see is the frustrations in work or school. When you focus on the people who are getting you down. When all you can say are smartass comments about someone’s stupid behavior.

Look around you. What do you see? Everywhere are comments that point out how dumb, stupid and bad someone else is. Everywhere there are programs focusing on people behaving badly. Everywhere someone is saying that someone else did something wrong.

Well… criticism is all well and fine. If it is constructive. Questioning your surroundings and the people around us is something we always should keep in mind. If we do not question, then how can we right something that might be wrong? BUT… when the questioning and criticism just becomes a way to spew out our own shit then what are we accomplishing?

Oh I am no angel and God knows I am guilty of spewing shit with the best of them. Sometimes however I need to pull myself back and remember that if I only look for the bad and spend my time pointing it out then I am also really missing out on all that is good. Funny how we seem to forget to point out things that are good eh?

Sometimes it is easy to forget the good things and the great people in the world. So this time I will remember just those… a few of the good things.

  • The years have flown and much has happened but some friendships just grow and will always be fabulous.
  • Walking out outside and seeing how beautiful Ireland is (even in the rain, horizontal rain at that).
  • Hopping in the car and going to a new place.
  • Getting lost and not giving a damn. (Not that I ever get lost or anything… really.. ever… I’ll deny it).
  • The woman who let me in when I jumped the queue at the turn-off from the motorway (I was late for work… at least that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it…).
  • Seeing the mountains every morning when I drive to work. A sight that always puts a smile on my face.
  • Meeting up with old friends and making new friends. Never a thing to take for granted.
  • Furry kitteh cuddles (even those headbutts that can cause a concussion… what can I say, he is a big cat).
  • Reading Calvin and Hobbes (always makes me laugh).
  • Looking at someone and bursting out in laughter at the same time.

I hope the weekend is treating all of you well and that you will have plenty of laughs. This made me smile:

“I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: no good in a bed, but fine up against a wall.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

As most of you know the last couple of months have been pretty up and down for with all that has happened. Such a big change in life is bound to come with a few stumbling blocks and hiccups. However that is not what this post is about. I do not intend to write a long post this evening but I wanted to briefly touch upon on something that has made a huge difference for me… having a laugh.

I spent the evening yesterday in the company of friends and I laughed and laughed until my belly ached. I burst out laughing in the car all the way home thinking of all the crazy stories told that night. Today I spent quite a few moments in work laughing with my colleagues about all kinds of sh*t. It was great.

There have been days when life seemed pretty crap but then a comment from a friend would make me burst out laughing and all the sudden the day seemed much brighter. It can make the most stressful day so much easier. It is amazing the difference it can make. Oh I am sure there are plenty of scientific proof of why this is the case. A good laugh does prolong life… as they say in Sweden. Am sure there is a lot of truth behind that. The important part for me is that I am lucky enough to have great people around me that I can have a laugh together with.

When I can laugh everything is better. With laughter there are no obstacles too big. With laughter we can do anything.

It is a busy week at the moment but sometimes you just need to disconnect from work and everything and just let your inner child roam free…which is exactly what I did the other evening. It was snowing like mad once again in Dublin…

Snow ball fights were a given in the evening… I lost, as is plain to see.

Myself, my partner and a friend that stayed over (as the heavy snowfall prevented him from going home) ventured out in the snow and build a snow ninja… this piece of art was erected, immortalized on picture and then met an untimely death at the hands of some particular bad swordsmanship… 🙂

Yeah…we had fun! The neighbors are probably convinced now that we are totally mad…but you know what… it was worth it!