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Never Talk Back To Mother Nature

Image by rob surreal via Flickr

As I sit here at the table I see the clouds racing across the sky. I glimpse blue sky and sunlight breaks through on my balcony. I see a large tree showcasing bright green spring leaves. I see my cats snoozing in the bright light. I see children playing.

How we look at the world is how we live our lives. There are days when I look out and all I can see are the storm clouds. When my focus is on how miserable things are. Those are the bad days. Luckily I do not have too many of those. I realized I do not want to live my life in that way. I do not like the person I am then.

Yes, bad things happen. There are times when it is out of our control. When in spite of all our best intentions the dark clouds roll in. All we can to then is to let it run its course. Acknowledge the pain, the misery, the darkness and wait it out because the sun will shine again. We might not see it or even believe it but there never is darkness without light.

In our everyday life we have a choice. A choice on how we look at the world around us. We can look at the racing storm clouds and only see the darkness or we can see the beauty of Mother Nature. I choose to see the smiling faces amongst the frowns. I cannot control everything in my life and nor do I want to but I can choose on what I want to focus on.

As I sit here at the table I see sunlight. I see the amazing beauty of spring. I see happiness. I see hope eternal.

What do you see?

Being a woman

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Life, Thoughts
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I love a good banter. When the words snap out fast, the come-backs come even faster and the smirks that follow can turn boring times into fantastic moments. My partner and I were discussing chocolate. I state that for some women chocolate is a substitute for sex… when he points out that it is good then that he is not a woman (this as he tries to steal my chocolate). This obviously means that I say that he couldn’t handle it anyway – being a woman that is, referring to the superior beings that we are. Well and on that way it was. It was good fun.

Afterward it got me thinking… about being a woman. What it means to me and would I want it any differently. Would I want to be a man? Well maybe for a day or a week. Just to try it out. It could be fun I think.

Would I want to change it forever?


I like being a woman. Yes there are many things that I am not too fond off (PMS anyone?!) but overall being a woman rocks. What’s there not to like? We have bodies that can go through amazing changes. Each of us have the potential to look amazing. We bond, we connect, we love, we fight for our right to be treated just the same as anyone else and we never give up.

I could go into the whole debate about equality or how what I describe is not applicable to what other women feel or what they stand for but you know what… I won’t cos this particular post is not about that. Neither is this post about how women are better than men and so forth. This post is purely about how I feel about being a woman and what it means to me.

Women are beautiful. There is softness, gentleness and a caring nature. There is dynamism, strength and unrelenting fierceness. Let’s face it … there are multiple-orgasms… what else can I say?

So to all the women out there… always treasure who you are and never forget to celebrate the fact that you are a woman. Cos it rocks… seriously!

Red 2

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What a lovely day it has been today! The sun was shining all day, the air was so fresh and clean and I was warm and comfortable wearing a scarf and light gloves. Am now having a cup of tea as the sun is setting over clear skies and enjoying this Sunday evening.

The large tree outside my living room window has almost shed all its leaves while others are still sporting magnificent colours. As I look out I am taking snap shots with my mind and I almost wish I could freeze time to capture these beautiful moments but then I realize that it is the change itself that makes it beautiful. Without the changes, with all being the same, the beauty becomes dull and lifeless. Much as our lives, without change and reinvention the splendour is gone. If we stall we lose ourselves and that is the most tragic thing in the world. We need to let our leaves fall, knowing that they will re-emerge all the more vibrant again.

So as leaves are falling, I am cherishing these moments as they come and go.