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Merry Christmas!

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Life
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christmas 2007

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I was just about to sit down on the sofa and put on a Christmas film when I realized that part from this very moment, I really will have no time for blogging at all before Christmas.

The work laptop is shut down for now – ready to get fired up again tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn. I have a million and one things I want sorted before Christmas (and no, not all is work related).

I am looking forward to a relaxing Christmas weekend with friends (and small children, whom I will feed Bailey’s so that they have a nice long snooze… shhhhhh don’t tell their mum… oh and if she “happens” to read this – it was the evil muse who wrote it, not me… never). Then some more work and then a relaxing New Year’s Eve with friends (at this stage I will most likely be comatose and fall asleep before midnight but let’s pretend I am a party animal this day).

Anyhoo, before I loose the thread completely (or my mind, not sure which is most likely) I just wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Years!!! MUAH!!!!

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”

The second advent candle is lit aaaand here we go again… It is once again time to write those frustrating, easy-to-forget, I-have-no-idea-what-to-write, wonderful Christmas cards. Every year it is the same story when it comes to writing and sending Christmas cards, as you might remember from last years post. There are some cards that kind off have to be written (let’s face it, my parents do not really get the whole e-card thing) and so I sit here once again trying to come up with something clever, joyful and most of all unique to put into the cards and as usual I have Christmas card writer’s block. Sigh…

On a positive note I have actually remembered to buy cards this year. I have not waited until I receive the first card in the post and then run like a manic, possessed woman into the nearest card shop to grab the first pack of cards… and not realizing until I get home that I bought a pack boldly stating “For Santa’s Naughty Boy” with a picture less than suitable to send to my parents. Ugh… yeah.

On my second cup of coffee now and… oh crap(!!)… I just realized I forgot to get stamps! Wonder if I could sneak these cards into the work mail…. hmm maybe not.

Well posting cards is needless unless I actually come up with something to write in them. Think I might brew another few cups of coffee – have I ever mentioned that one of the best buys I have ever made is my Gaggia espresso machine? I could probably write paragraphs about that but let’s not digress.

OK, time to stop ranting nonsense here and actually put pen to paper (or pen to card, if you are going to be picky about it).

Candles lit

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Life
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Tomorrow is the 1st of Advent. Traditionally in Sweden this means that all the Christmas decorations come out of the storage units and in every window you can find lit stars or candelabras. The dark is no longer depressing, it is now cosy and warm. The only thing that is not put up yet is the Christmas tree, that will have to wait a few more weeks.  Christmas music is played and the smell of mulled wine, home-baked ginger cookies and oranges is everywhere.

I have cleaned the whole apartment today and put up what Christmas decoration I have. This also meant that my cat decided that he found the stars hanging in the windows offending and tried to attack them… major fail as he could not reach them! I was prepared…

Now the sun is soon setting and the stars will be lit as well as the candles that are dotted around my living room. Bring on the coziness!

Hope you all will have a lovely 1st of Advent!

p.s there is a new post up on Living3703: 5 Things I Like About Dublin


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Oh lord… what a night! There I thought that the Christmas party with the work crowd was mad and what happens…I go out with the fabulous people from the Bujinkan club. A great meal in Alvito’s in Leixslip (highly recommended!) and then off to The Courtyard for way too many drinks. So many laughs, jokes, silly conversations, big hugs, serious discussions, more hugs, more laughs…and Jaeger-bombs…

Who’s idea was it to start drinking those?? For those who do not know what it is…you fill a glass with Redbull and then you drop a schnapps glass filled with Jaegermeister in it and knock it all back. Oh yes!!

At 03.30 we were first gently and then not so gently told to go home… ushering drunk people out of a pub at closing is not an easy task (been there, done that). So we all stumbled home, the stumbling was obviously due to the ice and snow on the sidewalks and nothing to do with any alcohol consumption…

What a fabulous night with some of the nicest guys and girls that I have the pleasure to know and train with!

Today I am however paying the price for thinking Jaeger-bombs mix well with beer and other drinks… Well, I think I will retire to my bed again for a bit because in a few hours some of our neighbors are coming over for a civilized wine, cheese and crackers session. December party season in full swing! 😀

Saffron bun, photo taken in Sweden

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I have survived the first real Xmas party of the season. Spend most of yesterday dragging my feet behind me in a zombie-like state. Feeling slightly nauseous and delicate all Saturday. Thank heavens for Berocca! After a long sleep and easy morning I now feel alive again. As it is getting towards Xmas very fast now, I have once again tackled the domestic peaks that only occur around this time of years. I bake. I actually enjoy it as well.

Have just started the first batch of traditional Swedish Lucia buns (Lussekatter). It is a sweet bread with saffron and raisins. VERY TASTY!! Am just hoping that I get it right as it has been a while since the last time…well a year. I never seem to find time to bake and do the more complicated cooking that takes more than 20 minutes but once I start I do enjoy it. Provided music is playing in the background and I have enough time. Music is important when baking and cooking. At the moment the album “Lungs” by Florence and the Machine is playing in the background. Other days when baking I have Carmen by Bizet playing or anything by Muse. All depends on my mood I guess.

Time to continue being domestic now. Wish me luck it pays off and that I won’t burn the lot. 🙂

Post xmas party

Posted: December 11, 2010 in Life
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My rum and coke

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OK, it is 4.30am and I just got back from the xmas party. Needless to say I am juuust a bit intoxicated. It was a good night, even though we ended up in granny central! We had a meal and all at this hotel and at the same time a whole lot of other parties were involved. Most were either scangers or people from a nursing home. I mean….we even had nuns there for gods sake! There were many inappropriate laughs about CPR and old folks home. OK I know, not very PC but oh so fun. The band was shite. We went to another pub…then tried to make it to a nightclub… and then managed to find a taxi to take us home. The taxi ride took forever…mainly because off all the peeing breaks that had to be made. Not sure why I am telling you this as I am sure it is a definite over-share.

OK, I am pissed and can barely type at this stage. It was a brilliant night and it was fun! Have a nice weekend everyone!!

I feel shattered… just have some minuscule energy left today…just enough to moan a bit in the blog and then drag myself to bed. This has been an extremely busy week in work, 11 hour days… which I normally can deal with but not this week. Didn’t realize having a chest infection would take that much out of me. Que….pouting “feeling sorry for myself” look.

Of course I haven’t been to the doctor…not me… only go when I am dying or in need of a doctor’s note. Stubborn..yes, that’s me. Found some antibiotics in the medicine cupboard, hmmm… believe I got them about a year and a half ago when I had the flu… but alas, they are out of date..took one anyway… not such a great decision. Ended up having stomach pains. Effing eejiit sounds like a good way to describe what I told myself. The pharmacist basically confirmed that could happen. Sigh.

One more day to go and then it is the weekend. Thank heaven for that. I intend to sleep and then sleep some more and then maybe buy some nice food and have a really nice meal. Am sick of quick sandwiches or salads in front of PC in work. Next week should be much better.

Oh god…definitely time to go to bed…they are actually playing a Xmas song on the radio right now…if that doesn’t get you to run for cover then I do not know what. Need to stop moaning now. Happy upcoming weekend thoughts!